Would you take this drastic step to sell your house?

One estate agent suggests 'Try before you buy' homes approach is best

Today the Loose Women panel are debating, would you ‘try before you buy’ a new house?

Christine Lampard explains, ‘One online estate agency wants prospective buyers to stay over in the property they’re interested in – before they make an offer’.

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It’s safe to say the panel have some strong opinions on the matter of this 'try before you buy' homes approach.

Janet Street-Porter immediately cries, ‘NO!’ when the question is posed to her. 'No, I’d have to lock everything up.'

'They’d be going through my drawers, they’d be going through my bathroom cabinet' Janet goes on to say of her objection to the idea. Because I know that’s what I’d do,’ she hilariously admits. The panel all exchange a laugh, but come on who wouldn’t?!

‘When I’ve been looking at houses, I know straight away,' Janet claims, to justify a standard viewing being enough to go on.

She goes on to say, ‘You’ve got to make the decision yourself, but the last thing I want to do is stay the night!’

Christine rightly asks the question, ‘how do you know if it is a real genuine person who wants to buy your house, and not just somebody who wants to come and be nosey?’ Presumably there’s a strong vetting procedure, we’d hope?!

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‘What a stupid idea,’ says Saira Khan not holding back. While Linda Robson jests, ‘I think it’s a brilliant idea because I want to move into Christine’s house! I’d have a good old nose around your house’ she says – joking not joking.

Christine tries to see both side of the debate by saying, ‘If you’re to buy a car you’d want to go and test drive it?.' But Saira is quick to shoot the sentiment down, humourously saying 'Yeah, but only for half an hour – not six weeks or whatever’.

‘But it takes a bit of time to get a feel for a house,’ Christine goes on to say. 'Maybe there is something in it?’

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The off-the-wall concept is that of an online estate agents Potential Pads.

A statement on the website claims, ‘Potential Pads allows the buyer to try their future home out for a night, a week or even a month, for a trial fee before they make the decision to buy.’

'Instead of staying in a hotel to view a handful of properties for a couple of minutes or hours, wouldn't it be better to get a feel of your potential home for a night or more. Get a preview of the neighbourhood, the local schools, shops, potential commute and more.’

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We’re not sure we're sold on the idea, are you??


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