Viewtiful inside and out – 4 reasons why the LG InstaView ThinQ is everyone's #fridgeofdreams

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Every kitchen makeover needs an icon of a feature as its starting point. It could be a hexagonal encaustic tile (you know the one), wow-factor wallpaper or cutting-edge cabinetry. Or it could be a fridge. Specifically, the LG InstaView ThinQ™.

One person that understands just why the LG InstaView ThinQ™ is lighting up social feeds is beauty entrepreneur, wellness advocate and OG YouTube influencer Niomi Smart. Niomi has just moved home, and although she admits she's taking her time over some interiors choices, she's already put her stamp on the kitchen with the addition of the LG InstaView ThinQ™. 'It’s by far the most impressive fridge I’ve seen!' she tells us.

Read on to discover why the LG InstaView ThinQ™ is developing a following that any Instagrammer would be proud of.

1. Knock, knock... it's all there

kitchen area with fridge with glass door

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Knock twice on the glass door of the LG InstaView ThinQ™, and watch as it lights up to reveal the goodies within. Clever InstaView™ drastically reduces loss of cold air by eliminating the need to open the door – saving energy and keeping food fresher for longer. See something you fancy? The Door-in-Door™ gives quick access your most-used items without letting too much cold air out. It's ideal for the kids’ yogurts and drinks, condiments, that Friday night bottle of wine, or in Niomi's case, a post-yoga snack.

'I love the knock feature to see what’s inside, and the separate Door-in-Door to store essentials such as milk or juices,' says Niomi. 'The knock feature also encourages me to keep the fridge organised, and full of healthy fresh produce!'

kitchen fridge with veggies and storage

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And the smart storage doesn't stop there. Super-efficient, slimline insulation allows for thinner walls in the fridge and freezer. Meaning you get a large capacity in an appliance that works with a standard kitchen fit size.

2. Eat fresh without the fuss

kitchen area with fridge and photo frame

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In 2021, #mealprep has become the foodie's hashtag of the moment. And with good reason, as it's a key secret to eating healthily without compromising your social life or family time. So all you fans of pre-prepared kombucha, healthy grain bowls and overnight oats will appreciate the LinearCooling™ technology that works throughout the fridge. It actively reduces temperature fluctuations, locking in that field-to-fork freshness for up to seven days.

Meanwhile, in the FreshBalancer™ drawer, humidity levels stay high so that fruit and vegetables don’t dehydrate or lose too many of their nutrients, such as vitamins and anti-oxidants. And finally, the Linear Compressor™ works quietly and efficiently in the background to keep your food cool. Backed by a 10-year warrantly, the durable motor offers peace of mind, leaving you as chilled as your food.

kitchen with fruit plates and glasses

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'A healthy lifestyle has always been important to me, but the LG InstaView has encouraged me to buy more fresh produce and cook more at home,' Niomi explains. 'I love cooking healthy meals from scratch, but sometimes London life gets in the way and I find myself eating out more than I would like to.'

'Knowing that I have a fridge full of fresh vegetables makes me excited to stay home and make delicious meals. I’ve also noticed the vegetables stay fresher for longer, meaning less goes to waste.' With more of us striving for a zero-waste lifestyle, this is tech that can truly make a difference.

3. Style that works in every setting

kitchen area with fridge and sofa

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Setting it apart from previous models, the new seamless LG InstaView ThinQ™ design is practical and stylish. The UltraSleek Door and premium metallic accents are at totally at home in a striped back and contemporary kitchen – all gloss and glass. But the sophisticated styling is equally suited to Niomi's love of combining vintage with modern.

'I like my home to be a place I can feel completely relaxed in to practice yoga and meditation,' says Niomi. 'I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from yoga retreats that I’ve been to in Ibiza and also from the cafes in Bali. I recently visited OKU Ibiza and felt inspired by the interior design there. It’s a perfect industrial/boho balance with exposed brick walls, bare steel, and soft linen furnishings with rattan decorations.'

kitchen area with smart fridge and sink

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'I do also like colour, so I mix it up with colourful soft furnishings. Think marble tables on steel legs, and brass side tables with dried flowers in a ceramic vase.'

Want to capture Niomi's aesthetic for yourself? Team the LG InstaView ThinQ™ with marble and wooden worktops, painted wood cabinetry in on-trend shades of green or blue, and brass or black hardware for the ultimate loft living look. 'I think it’s rare to find a large appliance such as a fridge to look aesthetically pleasing, but this one definitely ticks that box,' she says.

4. Socialising just got simpler

kitchen area with white table and fruits

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Open-plan living has transformed our homes as entertaining spaces. Niomi's kitchen is always a bright and welcoming space that can be enjoyed at all times of year thanks to the windows at the front and doors leading directly to the garden. There's an expansive island and a dining table, 'which means I can be sociable with my guests as I cook,' says Niomi. 'I have always loved open plan living, and luckily I didn’t have to do any work to achieve that at my new house.'

The LG InstaView ThinQ™ makes it even easier for Niomi to indulge in her passion for entertaining. Ice and water are delivered on tap via a built in dispenser, with extra peace of mind provided by the UVnano nozzle. This reduces 99.99% of bacteria from the water nozzle with UV light.

kitchen area with fridge and ice water dispenser

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DoorCooling+™ delivers the coolest pre-dinner drinks and freshest canapés. And – of course – the LG InstaView ThinQ™'s features make it a great dinner party piece in its own right. 'My friends love the knock feature,' says Niomi. 'For my housewarming party, everyone wanted to try it out!'

In fact, she's such a fan of the LG InstaView ThinQ™, she has an idea of where she'd like to see the technology applied next. 'It would be so amazing to have an accessories cupboard with my shoes and bags with the knock feature, too!' she suggests. We couldn't agree more, Niomi...

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