How to transform your work-from-home set-up into a light and bright space

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Homes of every kind, whatever the decor, style or era, deserve to feel bright, light and welcoming. After all, they are our sanctuary, our special place to feel safe, comfortable and our most relaxed; made even truer over the last 18 or so months.

And now, with most of us blending careers with family life, splitting time between the office and home, it couldn’t be more important to get the space just right – for when you’re working and for when you’re not. Here, we share our ideas for how to ensure your desk area looks fabulous, meets all your needs, and makes you feel productive, too.

How to transform your wfh space

Make it ship shape

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Getting everything in order is essential as well. You may have been making do for some time with a makeshift set-up, but now’s the time to get things permanently in place. This is particular important as remote working looks like it’ll be here long-term.

So no more perching the laptop atop a pile of books. Get yourself proper furniture, and give the space some love and attention with a good declutter. It’ll bring a sense of composure and control if everything’s in order.

Be colour smart

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Whether you have the luxury of a dedicated office or are working from the corner of the lounge, start by thinking about the decor of the room itself. Pay attention to colour. You may be tempted by white, but it can be very clinical and won’t spark creativity.

Play around with shades and choose ones that have a positive impact on the room and on your mood. Blues and greens give the space a fresh and calming feel, and create a sense of balance to help you concentrate. After all, they’re shades often found in nature – from the blues of a daytime sky and deep pools of water, to the luscious green trees in a forest or vibrant blades of grass –so it’s no wonder they evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

Bring in nature

light wood desk with house plants and two roof light one with blue blind

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One word. Plants. Your desk area needs them – they bring the outside in, destress you, and can help to purify the air around you. Vital when your current commute is likely just walking the length of the landing; we all need a bit of nature.

Even just adding one plant will bring a hint of the outside, totally improving your space inside. But don’t forget, plants need watering and taking care of to survive, and they need natural sunlight. Which segways us nicely into our next home-office tweak.

Light the way

light and airy home office with large roof light and white desk

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Wherever you position your desk it should be swathed in daylight. If you can, place it opposite or beside a window, or better yet, underneath one. Exposure to more light, especially an influx of daylight from above, will cause the brain to release the hormone serotonin, which will boost your mood and lift your spirits, helping you to stay focussed and more productive.

So a well-daylit space is proven to be better for us; we’re more alert, have an improved mood, enhanced morale, less fatigue and reduced eye strain – all vital for a remote working set-up. Not to mention it’ll also do your new desk plant buddy some good.

Add natural light with roof windows

Transforming your home with daylight from above is much easier than you think. Enter VELUX roof windows. An installation (starting from £289) is ideal and will fill your home with daylight, making it feel bigger and more spacious, turning it into a room that you’ll want to spend more time in. It really is a simple way to bring more natural light to what might otherwise be a gloomy space.

VELUX has a stunning range of roof windows that will fit all roof types – be that flat or pitched – there is a design to suit, from standard loft and flat-roofed options to balcony and dormer types. You can assess all these options and find the best for your home by speaking with a VELUX daylight advisor, free of charge. Once you’re ready for installation, you don’t need to worry about a huge undertaking – installation is complete within 48 hours and with minimal disruption. You also can have it done at any point in time, so you don’t need to be in the middle of a huge renovation project. All you need are a couple of days and a roof!

Get the daylight in a room just right and everything else will come together beautifully. The room will appear bigger, feel brighter, and your mood will be lifted and your creativity improved – all fabulously important when working from home. So whichever style you go for, you can trust a VELUX roof window will transform your space into a favourite place – for when you’re on and off the clock.

Find out more

To learn more about how to transform your home by bringing in more natural light, speak to a VELUX daylight advisor. They will guide you through the process of finding the perfect skylight or roof window to suit your room and your needs – you’ll be amazed at the difference. Find plenty of inspiration at

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