You know you love country style when…

7 tell-tale signs that the rustic lived-in look is your décor of choice

1. You decant all your dried goods into rustic glass jars

Image credit: Andrew Woods

Yes it’s practical, but be honest, it’s mainly for pretty display purposes isn’t it? Nothing makes you happier than row upon row of gleaming Kilner jars filled with kitchen staples, all neatly lined up on open shelving.

2. You dream of a beautiful boot room

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Forget over-the-top extensions and heated pools, a well-organised boot room is top of your wish list, complete with built-in storage for just-out-of-the-rain coats and muddy wellies.

3. You invest in the ultimate country range cooker

Image credit: David Brittain

Warm, friendly and oh-so-welcoming, your Aga is pretty much part of the family. In fact if you had to pick between your husband and good old ‘Aggie’ it would be a tough call…

4. You hoard baskets

Image caption: Polly Eltes

Toys, clothes, magazines… any excuse for a basket. With their rustic, homespun feel they’re your storage solution of choice. There’s no such thing as too many; willow, wicker, seagrass… you want – sorry, need – them all.

5. Distressing makes you happy

Image caption: Country Homes & Interiors

What’s so great about perfect paintwork? You much prefer furniture that’s seen something of life. Whether it’s a battered old trunk or a weathered wood dresser, a bit of wear and tear is all part of the charm.

6. You fall for florals everytime

Image caption: David Brittain

Whether it’s blowsy garden blooms on your wallpaper and curtains or a ditsy meadow print on your sofa cushions and throws, you can’t resist a country floral when it comes to picking patterns. Bringing the outside in is what it’s all about, after all.

7. Your family includes a dog

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Labradors get top marks, with spaniels and cute terrier breeds coming in a close second… no home can truly be defined as ‘country style’ without a doe-eyed pet pooch padding around the place.

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