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Looking for all our utility room style ideas? Whether you’d like the rustic charm of a country utility rooms, something clean and functional like a modern utility room or the classic styling of a traditional utility room, we’ve got it covered!

  • Functional utility room | Country-style utility room | Utility room sink | Image | Housetohome

    Functional utility room

    Tongue-and-groove panels add interest to a simple utility room. A cream, taupe and green colour palette creates a pared down and practical scheme – the 1950s feel making household chores much more appealing.

    Wall paint


  • Utility room washing corner | Country-style utility room | Laundry ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Utility room washing corner

    A linen basket with a fabric liner keeps laundry free from snags.

    Similar Basket

  • Utility room laundry corner | Laundry storage ideas | Image |

    Utility room laundry corner

    Dedicating a corner of a utility room to laundry bins, defined by a vintage ‘laundry’ sign, stops clothes from being discarded on floors. The smart, white style of these baskets gives the room a fresh, orderned look.

    Laundry baskets
    The White Company

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  • Cottage utility room

    Country-style utility room

    This small utility room serves as a pretty storage area. Pale shades and colourful accessories brighten up the small space and give it a feminine touch, while country-style pieces add a personal touch.

    Lavender and Sage
    Cath Kidston
    Paint & Paper Library

  • Utility room storage jars | Laundry storage | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Utility room storage jars

    Laundry products look much better decanted into stylish glassware, like this large jar with a mini measure, both from Summerill & Bishop, and Ikea bottles. A monogrammed towel from Jam For Tea adds a touch of vintage style.

    JarsSummerill & Bishop


    Jam For Tea

    Browse our utility room decorating galleries for more inspiration.

  • Feminine country utility room | Utility room design idea | Fridge | Image | Housetohome

    Feminine country utility room

    This pretty utility room offers a neat place to store utensils and other household appliances. A pink fridge adds a feminine feel.


  • Utility room peg storage | Country-style utility rooms | Utility room ideas | Laundry room ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Utility room peg storage

    A peg rail stores plimsolls and slippers neatly and tidily in drawstring bags in this neutral utility room.

    Similar peg rail
    Catherine Lyons.

  • Utility room hidden cupboard storage | Laundry storage | Image |

    Utility room hidden cupboard storage

    A properly organised utility cupboard, with dedicated places for all your essentials, will make your household tasks less of a chore. Cover doors and shelves in decorative oilcloths to liven up the space.

    Made-to-measure cupboard

    Tool boards and hooks

    Cath Kidston

  • Comact utility room with built-in storage and panelling

    Comact utility room with built-in storage and panelling

    After utility room ideas? Take a look at this compact space made gorgeous with built-in storage

    Looking for small utility room ideas? This charming compact space includes a butler sink, wall panelling and a built-in cupboard for toiletries.



    Similar jug
    Josephine Ryan Antiques & Interiors

  • Garage utility room | Laundry room | Washing machine | Image |

    Utility area in a garage

    One corner of this garage has been transformed into a laundry powerhouse, complete with plenty of storage for washing paraphernalia.

    Similar sign

  • Vintage utility room | Utility room | Image |

    Vintage utility room

    This pretty utility room offers a neat place to store clothes. A wooden hanging rack adds a vintage feel.

    Similar drying rack
    Cast in Style

  • Utility room cupboard storage | Country-style utility room | Storage cupboard idea | Image | Housetohome

    Utility room cupboard storage

    A dedicated cupboard keeps the ironing board out of sight. A feather duster and dustpan and brush are hung up on nifty peg rails.

    Similar cupboard
    Mark Maynard

  • Cottage utility room

    Utility room dos and don'ts - WATCH OUR VIDEO

    Whether you use it as a laundry room, a boot room or for extra storage space, a utility room can be an extremely useful addition to the kitchen. Watch our video for the dos and don’ts of utility room design to make sure you make the most our of your space.

    Watch our video for Beautiful Kitchens editor, Ysanne Brooks’ key dos and don’ts of utility room design.

  • Modern laundry room | Utility rooms | Utility room ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Modern laundry room

    A storage unit with black and white baskets keeps laundry products at bay in this compact utility room. A metal laundry rack matches the sleek black and silver washing machine. A vintage picture and cute peg bag add personal touches to the scheme.

    The Holding Company

    Laundry basket and clothes airer


    Washing machine

    LG Electronics

    Canvas print

    Oliver Bonas

  • Traditional utility room | Laundry room idea | Laundry storage | Image | Housetohome

    Traditional utility room

    Checked floor tiles in pastel blue and yellow, matched with pale wooden furniture and floral curtains add a vintage feel to this utility room.

    Floor tiles

    Curtain fabric
    Anna French

    Clothes airer
    Baileys Home & Garden

  • Rustic utility room | Kitchens | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Rustic utility room

    This gauze fly screen helps too keep out light in a room where produce is stored. Mirroring the blue through to other doors and window frames creates a cohesive look, while wicker and wood keep it rustic.

    Fly screen
    Anna French

    Hanging basket

    Rockett St George



  • Monochrome utility room | Laundry room design ideas | Utility room decorating | Image | Housetohome

    Monochrome utility room

    Laundry accessories needn’t be dull. Here, an ironing board gets a sophisticated look with a monochrome cover with floral design, and a wirework basket makes an elegant laundry store.

    Ironing board

    Lisa Stickley


    The Conran Shop

  • Utility room boot storage | Country-style utility rooms | Utility room ideas | Laundry room ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Utility room boot storage

    A sturdy trolley or rack is the perfect place to leave just-cleaned and polished shoes to air before you return them to storage. Large windows allow light to creep in, making the room appear more spacious.

    Shoe Trolley

  • Under stairs utility room | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetohome

    Under-stairs utility room

    Use an awkward area under the stairs to house your washer-dryer, ironing board and cleaning products.

    Enamel washing powder tin
    Garden Trading

    Ironing board

    Laundry bag
    Ian Mankin

  • Laundry style utility room | Decorating ideas | Home design | Decorating ideas | Image | Housetoohme

    Laundry style utility room

    Making a place for everything is key to taking the hassle out of washday. Here, a Voodoo Blue hand-woven, fabric-lined basket with rope handles and a Brissi white wicker laundry basket turn a corner into an organised space. A Dotty Designs floral bag hanging from the handles of a linen cupboard makes the most of space and adds a touch of colour to the clean, white room.

    Woven basketVoodoo Blue

    Fabric lining

    White basket, nightdress

    Floral bag
    Dotty Designs

    Browse our utility room decorating galleries for more inspiration.

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