These 3 budget buys are the secret to Stacey Solomon's organised utility room

Keep your home's chaos at bay the Stacey Solomon way

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Not even Stacey Solomon is exempt from being in need of a hearty Sunday reset to get through her decluttering checklist and mammoth cleaning to-do list to get rid of the 'save for later' things – and oddly enough, it's given us the reassurance that not every inch of our home has to look perfect and pristine at all times.

It's okay to fake a tidy house when worst comes to worst, but as much as we might hate to admit to it (or even participate in it when we're feeling overwhelmed), there's nothing like a good autumn deep clean.

Well, we happen to know how exactly to get stuck into cleaning and organising our own home's nooks and crannies that may never see the light, Stacey Solomon style.

Blue painted utility room with fitted washer and dryer

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Stacey Solomon's utility room essentials

Last Sunday evening, Stacey Solomon posted a series of Instagram stories sharing the saga of deep cleaning and organising her utility room. Although the stories are no longer available to view, don't fret as we've got all the details for you to indulge in her must-haves for getting through her Sunday reset.

'I go away for work for a few days and every garment in the entire house is worn, half washed, kind of sorted, but never put away,' starts Stacey.

Utility room with washing machine, sink and storage

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In the next story, she continues, 'Had a mad hour and just went for it. Still washing that needs doing but at least it fits in the hidden baskets and for now, my brain feels clear before the school run tomorrow.' 

Here are our highlights from her documented organising process in her home which sports a gorgeous green utility room colour, and is nothing less than what we expect from the queen of cosy herself.

White kitchen with wood accents and fitted washing machine

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1. An indoor clothes line

Stacey's utility room is stocked with an indoor clothesline for hanging larger garments, such as towels and bedding, so the first of her tasks is to collect and fold these bits of washing.

If you want to follow suit in drying clothes fast but don't have heated clothes airer, you can purchase a retractable washing line you can utilise as well as tuck away when it's not needed if you have a small utility room and need the extra space.

2. Labelled jars for laundry supplies

Whether it's for a utility room storage idea, kitchen storage idea, or bathroom storage idea, if there's one thing that we will always recommend time and time again, it's decanting your cleaning products and laundry supplies (or even laundry detergent alternatives) into clear jars and labelling them accordingly.

Not only does it elevate the overall look of your room and make everything look more cohesive, but you know exactly when things need to be topped up.

Stacey shows herself partaking in the exact same storage practice, topping up her laundry powder and detergent jars so they're ready for the next wash day.

3. Rattan laundry baskets

Stacey whisks away all the freshly washed laundry in these beautiful rattan baskets, which we believe is the IKEA SNIDAD basket that certainly makes an eye-catching statement in her home.

However, if you were after a more affordable alternative, we think Dunelm's Plastic Natural Small Rattan Basket is an equally gorgeous pickup that won't break the bank.

And just like that, you're well on your way to being a step closer to achieving your own version of Pickle Cottage's utility room in your own home with these star bargain buys.

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