How to create the perfect laundry room

Country Homes & Interiors show you how to make your laundry room functional without compromising on country style

An organised home is the ultimate dream, but the reality is often quite different when family life takes over. Laundry appliances filled to overflowing, shoes scattered over the floor, cupboards bulging... these are just some of the scenarios that may strike a chord with you. That's why separate multifunctional utility areas are growing in popularity. Country Homes & Interiors showcase 5 beautiful utility rooms to inspire, all designed with organisation and style in mind...

Design features
Utility rooms are all about function and often are not particularly big, so designing the furniture well is vital. Vents on the floor of this bespoke laundry cabinet keep the air circulating inside to help warm and dry your items.

white cupboard with white throws and tiles floor

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Pressing matter
With the kitchen joining the more open social areas of the home, there's a growth in utility rooms, where chores such as laundry and ironing can take place. This design was for a businesswoman who finds ironing therapeutic and wanted an environment in which to enjoy it.

room with wooden floor and blue cabinet and iron table

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Space saver
Many people set the design challenge of carving out a utility zone rather than an entire room, sited perhaps behind folding doors or under the stairs. Here, a former corridor is now a brilliantly organised laundry area with storage. As the furniture is made to order, it optimises every inch of space.

kitchen area with white kitchen counter and washing machine

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A place for everything
Slatted shelves for freshly laundered towels, handmade wicker baskets for dirty clothes and a double sink ensure this cool white room is fit for purpose. If you are planning a laundry room, install an oversized deep sink that can cope with all those major cleaning jobs.

laundry room with white wall and tiles floor and pull out baskest

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Good housekeeping
Plan your laundry room as carefully as you would your kitchen, with ample storage in tall cupboards for vacuum cleaners and mops, and sinks for washing delicates. This bespoke room in sage green has a large butler's sink and cupboards for cleaning products and everyday essentials.

laundry room with wash basin and wooden peg rail

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