Plan the perfect linen cupboard

Don't be afraid to open your linen cupboard ? use our ideas so you're never buried in an avalanche of sheets and towels again

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Hanging organiser Make sure you have supplies at hand for yourself and guests. Extra soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste and packs of tissues will all fit nicely. You can also store spare supplies of scented drawer liners so they?ll perfume the linen. And impress guests with a spare pair of slippers that you can put out when they arrive.

Swimming kits Make it simple for the kids to pick up their own swimming kits by keeping their costumes, towels and goggles in bags on hooks on the back of the door so they can grab them on their way out. Wash and dry the kit and put it back in its place straight away so there isn?t a panic next time.

Shelves from top:

Blanket bag Keep out-of-season heavy duvets and woolly blankets in a zip-up blanket bag to prevent them gathering dust. If you?ve got too many to fit on the shelf, VacuSac Pack-Mate Bags from Lakeland can be a great space-saving solution, as all the extra air is removed.

Guest linens Give each guest room a colour theme for towels and bed linen. For each room you?ll need a duvet cover, two to four pillowcases, a sheet, towels and flannels. Store each set in a clearly labeled transparent plastic drawer so, when it?s time to prepare the room for guests, you can just pull it out and effortlessly carry everything in one go.

Flannels Smaller linens such as flannels are easy to lose at the back of the cupboard, so keep them to hand in an under-shelf basket. Rolling them rather than folding makes them easier to pull out.

Everyday linens Choosing one colour for each family member?s bedding makes it a doddle to keep the linens organised in your cupboard. Fold a full bed set into one pillowcase along with a scented sachet, so that you can just pull everything out in one and it will smell lovely when you make the bed.

Emergency bucket Make sure there?s a bucket in the cupboard upstairs so you can seize it quickly if you or the kids are poorly at night.

Cleaning kit There?s nothing worse than knocking something over in the bedroom and having to run downstairs to the kitchen for that essential cleaning item. Store a spare set of products such as a stain remover and carpet cleaner in your linen cupboard so they?re always to hand in case of accidents.

Spare loo rolls A stash of spare loo rolls in the cupboard will mean you?re not caught short in the bathroom ? just make sure to keep it well stocked!

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