Linen cupboards to lust after

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  • Fill an exquisite armoire or glamorous cabinet, giving country linens a home to be proud of.

    1 Classic armoire
    Create a seamless effect by decorating the back of a classic armoire with wallpaper to match the room. The intricate yet airy design of flowers and scrolls is a perfect addition to an elegant white cabinet with sparkling glazed doors, fancy mouldings and handles.

    2 Perfect positioning
    Find a prime spot on the landing for an elegant glass-fronted cabinet so that spare bed linen is always in easy reach. Not only is it a great use of otherwise wasted space, it’s also an opportunity to create a focal point featuring your favourite blue, white and pink country linens.

    3 Blue linen cupboard
    Upcycling is the way to a country look without splashing the cash. Take your pick of the brown furniture found in every junk shop and boot sale, and transform it with a coat of cool blue paint.

    4 Decorative armoire
    Beautiful quilts, eiderdowns and cushions, collected over the years and much loved, deserve a special home. Show them off in a magnificen glass-fronted armoire, painted in a soft country shade.

    5 Shelf idea
    Pretty as a picture, this shelf edging protects linens from catching on any rough edges.
    Delicate pink crochet completes the zigzag border. Seek out vintage edgings or crochet your own, then stitch to a linen strip.

    6 Bathroom linen cupboard
    Vintage-style louvre doors have tons of retro appeal and they’re practical, too, especially in a bathroom, allowing circulation of air and preventing these neatly rolled towels from becoming damp.

    7 Cupboard love
    It’s the details that make a linen cupboard extra special. Customise yours with chicken wire doors, line shelves and the back with a bold wallpaper or fabric and print or hand draw labels so that all your linens know their place.

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