Pattern carpets – how to make them work for you

Make a change from plain flooring and enjoy the possibilities of pattern

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Mention patterned carpet and often we think of outdated, unattractive swirly designs. Many of us opt for safer plains and naturals, sticking with a more minimal look, but why not try introducing some structured colour to your home?

Using patterned carpets can open up decorating opportunities and add a contemporary feel, instantly lifting a room. Be bold with pinstripes, plaids, even chevron stripes, for maximum impact. For a more subtle approach, look at less dominant details with the same shade that work in conjunction with the room. Match the pattern’s scale and complexity to your room size, and keep furnishings neutral.

As with paint, don’t be afraid to try as many carpet swatches as you need to find the right pattern for your room. Bear in mind the size of your room will dictate the scale and complexity of the pattern, and keep furnishings relatively plain with bright and busy patterns. Make a change from blocks of plain colour and add a little flourish to your floor.

A touch of retro

living room with wooden dining room

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Not all pattern has to be obvious or defined, this more muted overall design has a distinct 1950s feel and would be an good choice combined with furniture and accessories from that era upwards for a playful modern twist. Softer patterns also work well in a bedroom adding just enough interest without detracting from creating a more calming room. Opt for the more natural colours that can be warmed up with stronger styled accessories.

Playful polka dots

living room with polka dots carpet

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Despite a pretty quality, polka dots are surprisingly adaptable and can work in a range of rooms. The key is the background colour - brighter tones have a dramatic effect, while softer hues are easier on the eye. An office space can benefit from such a pattern, adding a lighter, fun feel.

Chic stripes

entrance with strip carpet

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Stripes are hot news when it comes to floors. As people have become more comfortable with using colour, the popularity of stripes has soared. They are particularly good for elongating or widening a smaller space.

Subtle textures

dining room with textured carpet

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Make a bold statement with texture for a fresh take on plain carpet. The graduated effect adds interest without the need for a dominant pattern. This demand for textural patterns in carpets is part of the wider trend in interiors for layers of tone on tone.

In check

room with coffee table and chair

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A plaid design makes for a very strong focal point in the room, so keep walls plain and styling bold. It is such a classic design that it dates well making it a good investment, the range of softer colours allows for more versatile usage, so it will adapt to most rooms.

So whatever your vision, there is a Brintons carpet to create an individual, luxurious interior.

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