Challenge Kate: Christmas advent tree

Challenge Kate shows how to upcycle old pieces of wood to make a Christmas advent tree

In this special Christmas episode Housetohome’s Kate tries her hand at making a wooden advent tree for Challenge Kate. How will our DIY diva get on? Will she rise to the festive-themed challenge? Watch to find out more…

Want to try making your own Christmas advent tree? Follow our simple step-by-step guide...

You will need:
1 planting stake (200 cm long)
4 smooth-edged boards of wood (200cm x 1.8cm x 10cm)
24 white cup hooks
14 wood screws
2 wood screws

Step 1: The starting point for the Advent calendar is the support post, which is first shortened to 1.60 metres. A planting stake tapered at one end is handy because the top can be retained for the Christmas star. The 40 cm offcut can be used to make the foot of the Advent calendar. Simply fix it to the bottom of the post with the two longer wood screws. The Bosch PST 10.8 LI cordless multisaw is a good choice of saw.

Step 2: Now saw the four smooth-edge boards into seven different lengths (dimensions: 15 cm / 30 cm / 45 cm / 60 cm / 75 cm / 80 cm / 95 cm).

Step 3: To ensure that the Advent calendar is shaped like a Christmas tree, lay a long plank diagonally across the branches from the top to the widest point and mark the cutting lines with a pencil. Then saw off the ends along the pencil line

Step 4: Finally, screw the 24 cup hooks into position wherever you like across the branches, decorate them with little bags full of Advent presents and you can be sure that Christmas fans of all ages will be delighted. We wish you a lovely Advent!