Craft Corner: How to make a mason jar of bath salts

We show you how to make your own mason jar bath salts. These can be for yourself or a great gift for someone else.

Learn how to make Mason jar bath salts in our latest Craft Corner video.

In order to make this, you will need:

- A mason jar
- Epsom salts
- Dried rose buds
- Food colouring
- Essential oils
- A bowl
- A spoon
- A funnel
- Glue
- Scissors
- A pencil
- Some fabric
- Twine
- Tiny wooden spoons (optional)
- Alphabet stamps & luggage tag
Step 1: place the funnel in the top of the jar and add cupfuls of the Epsom salts to just below the top
Step 2: Pour the salts from the jar into a mixing bowl
Step 3: Add the rose buds and a small amount of food colouring to the Epsom salts and mix together
Step 4: Add in the essential oils, a little goes a long way!
Step 5: Place the jar into another bowl and put the funnel in the top of it. Then decant the salts back into the jar.
Step 6: Finish off with a handful of dried rose buds or petals
Step 7: Use the flat part of the lid as a template to draw round the wrong side of a piece of fabric
Step 8: Cut out carefully then glue to the top of the lid
Step 9: Hand stamp your chosen fragrance or message into a luggage tag
Step 10: Tie to the neck of the jar with a piece of twine