Craft Corner: How to make a mason jar candle

We show you a few simple steps for making a scented candle in a mason jar.

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You will need
-Wax pellets
-Wax dye
-Long wick
-Mason jar
-Essential oils
-Wooden spoon
-Heating pot
-Kitchen towel
-Measuring cup

Step 1: Fill the jar with wax pellets to the top
Step 2: Pour the measured pellets into the pot
Step 3: Fill the jar again but this time filling slightly below the top. Clean the jar with soapy water and dry with a tea towel
Step 4: Add a very small amount of wax dye
Step 5: Set your stove to a low heat
Step 6: apply a little glue to the metal base of the wick and place it in the centre of the mason jar. Use the peg to hold it in place as the glue dries.
Step 7:Add a small amount of essential oil to the fully melted wax.
Step 8: Carefully pour the wax into the jar. It should come to just below the rim. Leave to dry overnight. Use kitchen towel to clean the wax from the pot before it hardens.
Step 9: Once the wax has hardened clop the wick and trim it to roughly about 2cm