Craft Corner: How to make a mason jar terrarium

In this episode of craft corner we are learning how to make a Mason jar terrarium. In order to make this, you will need:
– 2-pint Mason jar
– Gravel
– Soil
– Large tweezers
– Small succulents
Step 1: Pour in some gravel, as this is essential for drainage
Step 2: Ensure your soil is suitable for use with cacti and succulents. Then pour in the soil; flatten down with a wooden spoon if necessary.
Step 3: Tip out the succulent from the pot and take off the excess soil, making sure not to break the root.
Step 4: Take a large wooden spoon and create a hole in the soil. Then carefully place the succulent in the jar.
Step 5: Push the soil up around it to keep it in position.
Step 6: Continue to carefully add plants in this way.
Step 7: Use the tweezers to move the leaves, then carefully sprinkle in more gravel.You should wait about a week before first watering, to allow the plants to adapt to their new soil

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