Craft corner: How to make a printed fabric cutlery holder

We show you how to make a pretty cutlery holder that will add a special touch to your dinner table.

Want to give your dining table a personal touch? We show you how to make a pretty cutlery holder with a distinctive printed pattern.

To make this printed fabric cutlery holder you will need:
A small carboard box
Baker's twine
Linen fabric
Sewing machine
Fabric paint

Step 1: Wrap twine around a small box to make a stamping block
Step 2: Secure the stamping block with tape
Step 3: Cut two rectangles of linen and place your cutlery on top to check you have the right size.
Step 4: Paint the twine generously
Step 5: Print your pattern on a piece of linen. Alternate the direction of your stamping box for an interesting pattern.
Step 6: Leave to dry
Step 7: Hem the top edge of both pieces
Step 8: Pin right sides together and sew
Step 9: Trim corners and press open seams
Step 10: Turn it out
Step 11: Add some cutlery and you're done!

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