Craft corner: How to make a stencil cushion

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  • Give a cushion cover the Midas touch – learn how to use a stencil to add a design with our step-by-step video.

    Step 1: Place a piece of cardboard inside your cushion cover to protect the second layer of fabric from the paint.

    Step 2: Spray the stencil lightly with repositionable spray adhesive.

    Step 3: Position the stencil centrally on the front of the cushion cover and press into place.

    Step 4: Carefully dip a stencilling sponge into metallic fabric paint so that you take up a small amount. Use a gentle dabbing motion to apply paint through the stencil to the cushion cover.

    Step 5: Build the colour up in thin layers until you have even coverage.

    Step 6: Leave the paint to dry and carefully peel away the stencil.

    Step 7: Place a clean, dry cloth or piece of fabric over the stencilled design and iron over the top to set the paint.

    Step 8: Remove the cloth and the cardboard and insert a cushion pad.

    Top tip: Don’t overload the sponge with paint. Dab off any excess before applying to your fabric. You can always add more paint, but it is hard to put right if you apply too much.

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