Ideal Home's Complete Guide to Christmas: Sparkling Snow Globe

Heather Young shows you how to use a mason jar to create a festive snow globe - the perfect Christmas decoration or Christmas gift

Hi, I’m Heather and today I’m going to show you how to turn a mason jar into a gorgeous snow globe for Christmas.

For your snow globe you’ll need:

- A mason jar – mine’s 150ml
- A little figure to put inside itSome superglue
- Some water – bottled or distilled water is best
- Some glycerine
- Some glitter – acrylic glitter works best

First you need to unscrew the lid of your mason jar and turn it so it’s inside up. Next get your superglue. If you’re doing this with the kids it’s best if you do the supergluing.

Put a generous glob on the bottom of your figurine, position it centrally, press it down and leave it to dry.

Place the lid to one side and grab your jar. Take your water and fill the jar up the rim to begin with – you’ll probably need to top it up at the end.

The gylcerine adds a bit more texture to the water so the snowflakes will swirl about a bit more. You only need a little dash.

Next, it’s time to add the glitter, which represents your snowflakes, so I’ve used a white glitter. Put a couple of generous pinches in there. I also add a little bit of silver glitter for extra sparkle.

Top it up with the water so it’s as full as you can get it, otherwise you’re left with an air bubble at the top, which doesn’t look so good.

Take you lid, turn it upside down, submerge the figurine into the water and screw the lid on nice and tight to make sure none of the water escapes.

Give it a really good shake to mix up the water and the glycerine.