Modern Country Makes: How to make colourful seed packets

We show you a few steps on how to make colourful seed packets.

In this episode of Modern Country Makes we show you how to create a colourful seed packet.

Firstly lay out all the items and materials you will need for this make.

You will need:
- Good quality wrapping paper
- Tissue paper
- Washi tape
- Seeds
- Scissors
- A pencil
- A ruler

Create this pretty seed packet make in a few simple steps
Step 1: Cut out a 14cm x 14cm square
Step 2: Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure with tape
Step 3: Make a square pocket from tissue paper
Step 4: Fold over and secure with washi tapeStep 5: Place in the cone and mix and match to create lots of pretty presents for your friends and family

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