Simple Solutions: Add colour to simple plant pots with washi tape

Liven up your plant pots with colourful washi tape. Ideal Home’s Style Editor shows you how to upgrade a basic accessory using decorative tape in our easy step-by-step, Simple Solutions Guide.

1. Run a strip of pink washi tape around the base of a white plant pot, smoothing it as you go.

2. Measure the diameter of the top of the pot and mark each quarter point with tape.

3. Run flower patterned tape vertically down the pot at each quarter point hiding the cut points within the pot and underneath.

4. Cut a strip of the pink tape in half and run this down either side of the flower tape creating a border. Repeat this process for the remaining three strips of flower tape.

5. Fill the finished pot with pretty spring bulbs or perhaps an on-trend succulent for a stylish finish.

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