Easy storage ideas – 10 of the best

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  • A happy home is a cleverly decluttered home! If your rooms are overflowing with out of place household items, then you need some quick and simple storage solutions.

    Finding the space to keep all of your (essential) extras can seem like an impossible task, but there are so many ways to store everything in its proper place. Stylish storage doesn’t even have to be bought: Homemade shelving or some simple upcycling techniques can improve the overall design of your house and keep clutter in check.

    Think about whether or not you want your storage to display your accessories. Exposed shelves in any room can add an attractive element to your design, if filled with the right components. Make use of bare walls and put up shelves to display pretty crockery in the kitchen, or books in the living room. Upcycle old crates to hold soft furnishings in the bathroom, or place a vintage pigeonhole unit in the hall to hold keys and letters.

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