Games rooms for an entertaining space with style

Looking for games rooms ideas? Be inspired by these entertaining games rooms - from games rooms for children to pool tables, we've got it covered

A games room is a fantastic way of bringing family and friends together and engaging in a spot of 'light' competition, depending who the contenders are! Whether you're stuck inside on a rainy Sunday or a chilly winter's eve, this is the perfect way for everyone to relax and pass the time.

Be inspired by the popular escape games and escape rooms by creating a dedicated space in your home for gameplay, relaxation and entertaining. Sport and game-inspired designs keep popping up this season, with all the fun visual elements of play crossed with useful and practical furniture, lighting and accessories.

Games rooms are becoming an integral part of many a contemporary home. Be it ping-pong, billiards, pool tables or a round of darts. Or if you have children, they might prefer an Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or even a PlayStation 3; you can pretty much add an entertaining corner to any room in the house with these simple ideas.

These decor ideas offer hardcore gamers the chance to pay tribute to classic games from the past and present, allowing them to incorporate that playful sentiment into their home. If you're a game enthusiast or are simply looking for summer holiday ideas for the children, then be inspired by these fabulous games room ideas to include in your room decorating scheme.

1/10 Games room with quirky bookcases and pool table (above)

store room with pool table and books

(Image credit: Future PLC/Armelle Habib)

Make a bold statement and turn a redundant dining room into a games room with a pool table taking centre stage. A pendant light hanging over the table will provide the perfect task lighting. Cleverly display books on invisible shelves to create a maximum impact entrance.

2/10 Games room with Olympic-themed games

games room with garden with chair

(Image credit: Future PLC/Chris Alack)

Enjoy the Rio Olympics 2016 by creating your very own garden Olympic games. You can go all-out with a competitive game of archery or keep it light-hearted with a traditional egg and spoon race. Bunting that showcases each sporting nation is a nice touch.

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3/10 Outdoor games room with a vintage them

outdoor games door with vintage themed and croquet set

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Winter)

When the sun comes out it's time for a spot of alfresco entertaining. Another great garden games room idea is to scatter rugs and cushions on the lawn to create an extended and more informal zone for guests to relax, especially if they are playing garden party games. Croquet is the natural choice as everyone can join in, but noughts and crosses, skittles and Jenga will also work well.

Croquet set

4/10 Games room with ping pong table

games room with ping pong table and white wall

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Keep it simple and minimal. If you're lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that isn't required for kids, guests or home office space, turn it into a games room for your favourite game such as this table tennis set up.

Similar ping pong table
John Lewis

5/10 Games room with televsion

games room with television and sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

There's no reason the living room can't be your gaming room too. An ideal room set up for gamers should balance comfort with an assortment of technologies to make playing a casual game or longer sessions equally satisfying. Set up a few oversized cushions on the floor for added comfort and lounging, important while enjoying an intense gaming session with the PlayStation 3 console.

Similar television

6/10 Games room with football table and picture wall

game room with football table and picture wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Nick Huggins)

As well as table football, ping pong and pool tables, games rooms are great places for displaying collections such as favourite art, certificates and family photographs. Give your room plenty of personality by creating a picture wall of the things you love, be it family photographs, landscapes or even your favourite sporting stars.

Similar football table
John Lewis

7/10 Games room with billiards and dresser

games room with billiards and dresser

(Image credit: Future PLC/Alun Callender)

If you have space, dedicate one room to children's toys - a perfect place to store a variety of games at once and great for shutting the door on clutter at the end of the day. As well as a snooker table, rocking horse, railway tracks and board games, a bureau is a good space for storing books and for kids to do homework. A natural-fibre rug gives a modern country feel and bare floorboards beneath are great for pull-along toys.

Similar billiards table
Liberty Games

8/10 Games room with chess set and leather seating

living room with chess set and sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Luscombe-White)

A games room is likely to attract lots of attention, especially with family and guests spending plenty of time in there. Make it extra comfy and include plenty of laid-back seating, perfect for lounging around while games of oversize chess run late into the evening.

Sofa and shelving

9/10 Games room with themed accessories and football table

games room with football table and retro clock

(Image credit: Future PLC/Bico Stupakoff)

Make your space multifunctional. If you have an L-shaped room or unused nook, transform the corner into a games area marking the space with sports art and sticking to one game - table football in this case - as the central focus.

Retro clock
Roger Lascelles
Table football game

10/10 Games room with ping pong table

game room with ping pong table and table tennis table

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

A spacious garden room or outhouse is the perfect place for a games room. Set up a table tennis table and enjoy playing all through the year - perfect for wet British summers! Brighten up with colourful fabrics and accessories and include a comfy armchair to sink into in between matches!

Similar table tennis table

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