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A games room is a fantastic way of bringing family and friends together and engaging in a spot of ‘light’ competition, depending who the contenders are! Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy Sunday or a chilly winter’s eve, this is the perfect way for everyone to relax and pass the time.

Be inspired by the popular escape games and escape rooms by creating a dedicated space in your home for gameplay, relaxation and entertaining. Sport and game-inspired designs keep popping up this season, with all the fun visual elements of play crossed with useful and practical furniture, lighting and accessories.

Games rooms are becoming an integral part of many a contemporary home. Be it ping-pong, billiards, pool tables or a round of darts. Or if you have children, they might prefer an Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or even a PlayStation 3; you can pretty much add an entertaining corner to any room in the house with these simple ideas.

These decor ideas offer hardcore gamers the chance to pay tribute to classic games from the past and present, allowing them to incorporate that playful sentiment into their home. If you’re a game enthusiast or are simply looking for summer holiday ideas for the children, then be inspired by these fabulous games room ideas to include in your room decorating scheme.

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