Lindsey Davis

Editor in Chief, Homes Ecommerce

About me

Hi! I'm Lindsey Davis and I head up the ecommerce team for the Future home brands. In other words, I work with a fabulous team of writers helping our readers find the right products for their homes. From kitchen accessories to picking the right mattress, we test and review everything we can get our hands on to make sure you know which items are worth you parting with your hard earned cash.

But I haven't always written about home products. After a brief stint in children's publishing, I made my first venture into the world of interiors journalism in 2013 on Homebuilding & Renovating website. And while I say interiors, for those who don't know, Homebuilding & Renovating is all about self build and big makeover projects. It made me even more obsessed with all things home design than I already was from growing up playing the Sims far too much...

Soon after starting in homes journalism, I bought my first home – an early Victorian cottage with no central heating and single glazing throughout. So when I wasn't writing about loft conversions, upgrading heating systems and making homes more efficient, I was doing it in practice for my own home. I have renovated most of the rooms, added a floor and added heating and a new kitchen and garden redesign are on the cards for 2022.

In 2015 I was made senior web editor for the other brands we owned at the time, including Period Living and Real Homes, meaning even more home inspiration at my fingertips – and even more moodboard material for my own renovation project. Since then, I have worked on building the shopping content on and when Future bought TI Media in 2020, I joined the Ideal Home family. My day-to-day includes spending a lot of time researching not just what to buy, but also finding out what all our lovely readers are looking for so we can help them out. And, when I'm not shopping in some form, I enjoy cooking, trying to garden and attempting to get through the ever-growing stack of books by my bed.

My specialist subjects

I will always have a go at any DIY around the home and after my time on renovation brands, I am not scared of a bit of a project. From tiling to levelling a floor, some things have turned out better than others, though I know when to call in the pros. I have a well-stocked arsenal of tools for home DIY and gardening, so love reviewing anything that makes a job easier.

And if you love home organisation, I am right with you. My small cottage means I often have to get creative with storage space and I love bit of panty or cupboard storage inspo.

Something else I am passionate about is the environment, so I like to make sure we have good representation of brands who are doing what they can to be sustainable. This feeds into my cooking – I am mostly plant-based so love experimenting with kitchen products that make home cooking fun.

My Ideal Home

Though I adore my Victorian cottage, it has the tiniest kitchen that isn't conducive to cooking and entertaining in the way I want. The dream has to be a big period villa or the ultimate – a Georgian farmhouse. Somewhere with a big kitchen, or scope for a modern meets traditional kitchen diner where I can have all the charm alongside the mod cons.

Eventually I would love to build my own home, but in the mean time I am keeping my eye out for either a mid-century property in need of some TLC or a early 19th century home – they have bags of potential.

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