How to make a laundry bag

Discover how to make a jolly laundry bag with these simple instructions from Country Homes & Interiors

hanging laundry bag

(Image credit: Future PLC/Claire Richardson)

You will need

  • Approximately 70 x 40cm fabric cut with pinking shears (we used Suvi fabric, col Clementine [middle], Romo and Mimi Stripe fabric, col 130776 yellow [right], £26 per m, Harlequin. Other bag Oscar laundry bag in lemon, Etoile Home)
  • Matching thread
  • Approximately 1m twill cord
  • Pins
  • Labels (optional - we used iron-on made to order embroidered felt word plates by SoSupplies, Etsy)
  • Sewing machine or needle
  • Pinking shears
  • Small safety pin
  • Iron

Step 1) Lay the fabric rectangle out wrong side uppermost with the long edges running horizontally. To create a neat edge at the channel opening, fold in a 7cm thin edge of the fabric. Press then sew as close as you can to the edge of the fabric.

Step 2) Create the cord channel by folding the top of the fabric down along the top edge measuring about 3.5cm. Press then sew.

Step 3) Fold the rectangle of fabric in half horizontally, right sides facing, and create a seam measuring 1cm in from the edge and bottom from the bottom of your thin channel seams. Press then sew. Turn the bag right side out and press again.

Step 4) Pin one end of the cord with a safety pin and push though the channel. Join the cord ends with a knot and push the fabric down the cord to secure the bag.

Step 5) As an optional extra add the iron on labels at this point by following the manufacturers instructions.

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