Our top tips for buying a new bathtub

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  • Buying a new tub isn't as straight forward as it might first seem. Comfort, space and materials are all important decisions

    If you’re in the market for a new tub there are many important points to consider. Representing a big investment with a long lifespan, no purchase should be entered into lightly. We’ve asked a selection of bathroom experts to share their definitive buying tips….

    Ripples’ Slipp Bath is elegantly curvaceous and deep.

    Question time

    Daniel Cook, Designer at C.P. Hart sets out the questions you need to consider when establishing your bathroom needs.

    1. Do you need a shower and bath in one?
    2. Is the bath the main feature of bathroom?
    3. What style are you aiming for with your bathroom?
    4. Who will be the main users?
    5. What space do you have?
    6. What technical constraints does your house/bathroom present?
    7. Don’t forget to consider how you intend to fill your bath too. Typically this may be decided by what bath you chose.

    Answer these questions and you are on your way. It will also narrow down your search and perhaps help you identify if you can have a freestanding bath, an inset bath composite, stone, steel or cast iron.

    C.P Hart’s Cielo Ceramica bath tub is aimed at fans of the modernist movement.

    Trend watch

    If your choice of tub is likely to be trend lead Graziella Pinto at Ripples has identified what you need to know.

    • Coloured baths are big news. We’re seeing a real trend for colour pop colours.
    • Freestanding baths create a really luxurious feel to a bathroom and as always are such a hugely popular choice for our clients.
    • Bespoke baths – some of our suppliers give you the option of picking your own Farrow and Ball paint which they will apply to your selected bath.
    • Matt finishes are becoming more popular.

    Ripples have supplied this bath tub finished in Farrow and Ball Paint.

    Purse strings

    Daniel Cook advises on bath tub budgets:

    “Baths come in many different shapes, styles, and materials and consequently there are baths for every budget, every style and every need. Freestanding stone, composite and cast iron baths tend to be at the higher end of the price spectrum, whereas inset steel and acrylic baths can be more cost effective”

    Material world

    “The different materials offer different benefits too. Composites are warm to the touch, come in some great sizes and shapes and can be repaired quite easily. Stone baths can be a fantastic dominant feature. Cast iron baths arguably have the best heat retention properties and inset steel baths are lighter, durable and come in a size for every situation. With acrylic you have their cost effective nature on your side, also warm to the touch as well as the interesting styles and shapes that are achievable.

    Freestanding baths are becoming ever more popular and a stronger trend. This is partly due to the innovations in materials and manufacturing allowing smaller single skin composite baths to actually have similar internal dimensions as larger inset baths.”

    GROHE’s Eurocube bath tub is a sleek masculine geometric design suitable for those wanting to create a statement in their bathroom.

    Try before you buy

    All our bathroom experts recommend getting in the tub, even under the dazzle of the showroom lights, to try the model out. Get in the bath, slip down, sit up, stretch out, relax and find a bath that is comfortable for you.

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