The secret to transforming your bedroom this winter

Bedding should never be an afterthought

Purple paisley bedding in bedroom
(Image credit: Bedeck of Belfast)

Going bold with your home decor can be scary when you’re committing to a paint shade or carpet colour. However, at Ideal Home, we have one secret weapon for giving our bedroom a fresh new look, and it’s all about the bedding. 

Just like magnolia walls, the white bedding reign looks to be coming to an end. Colour and maximalism have emerged as key home decor trends, and bedding is the perfect place to embrace these trends. However, you still want a brand of bedding that is going to offer style and quality, and Bedeck of Belfast bedding ticks both of those boxes.

A little luxury

Sleep is important, so it deserves a little attention and the best quality bedding you can buy. Bedeck has been producing high-quality bed linen since 1951 in Belfast, Ireland. Using only the best materials, from cotton to bamboo, Bedeck bedding will look good and help you sleep soundly. 

Black line floral white bedding on bed

(Image credit: Bedeck of Belfast)

Get creative 

Bedeck embrace colour and pattern in its designs. Its latest Autumn/Winter collection takes its cues from cultural traditions across the world. This has translated into striking designs including ornate paisley patterns, ikat prints, florals and lovely geometric patterns. 

Each pattern is picked out in soothing shades of teal, denim and navy. It is ideal if you are looking to add a pop of character and colour to a bedroom, while still creating a relaxing boudoir. 

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into a strong paisley print, we love the Nena Woven Stripe in Denim. Stripes are a strong trend we’re seeing pop up everywhere, and this elegant design is the perfect backdrop to a pick and mix of cushions in different colours and textures.

Blue and white bedding in white bedroom

(Image credit: Bedeck of Belfast)

An eye for detail

The devil is in the detail, well in the bedroom that detail is the scatter cushions and throws. Bold bedding calls for a certain skill with your bed accessories. The key to building a successful bedding scheme is to make sure you stay within the colour palette and build depth with different textures and shades. 

Purple paisley bedding in bedroom

(Image credit: Bedeck of Belfast)

Bedeck has excelled at showcasing different textures and finishes with it’s cushions and throws. The quilted throw is a stand out buy for lending a touch of glamour, while a knitted blanket will give a more textured, rustic luxury look.

Take your bed to the next level with Bedeck Bedding.

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