Shopping Edit - 10 stylish laundry baskets to hide your washing

Buy one of these pretty yet practical laundry baskets for your bedroom or bathroom to hide your washing in style

Searching for a new laundry basket? Whether yours is looking a little worse for wear or perhaps you're redecorating your bathroom and want something to incorporate your new style? Here are our top finds - all available online. A laundry basket that's both pretty and practical will prove itself to be the finishing touch in any bathroom, especially if said laundry basket is going to be on display.

Whether for holding your used towels or hiding your dirty clothes - or both - these designs have been handpicked by the Ideal Home team thanks to their practical design, their durable construction and most of all: their striking look. Our selections include everything from laundry baskets with lids to wicker laundry baskets, and even options with sections to separate your dark washing from your white clothes. To make tackling that monstrous pile of washing a tad easier.

You can, of course, use any of these laundry baskets inside your bedroom or utility room, or even style them in the kids' bedroom thanks to their stylish look. Otherwise, some of them can be used to store more than your dirty clothes but even toys, throws and anything else you don't want to be on display.

Complete your bathroom (or bedroom!) with help from our guide, and don't miss our bathroom storage ideas piece for more ways to maximise your space. Otherwise, give your bathroom an extra refresh and invest in the best bath towels that money can buy - you won't regret it!

The best laundry baskets - for style and practicality

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1. Habitat 102 Litre Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket

Complete with a lid and lined with a removable fabric bag inside, this sizeable basket is stylish enough to stay on show. Place it in a bathroom or bedroom for a wow effect, and to disguise your dirty laundry. It slots perfectly into a corner, plus it will add a warm vibe to any space.

Size: H60cm x D44cm
Construction: Hyacinth

Habitat 102 Litre Water Hyacinth Laundry Basket, £45

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2. Dunelm Lights and Darks Laundry Bag

Use this undoubtedly handy laundry basket to separate your white clothes from your darker washing, to lighten your load and make life easier when it comes to putting a load on. You can detach the bag from the metal frame for carrying downstairs, plus it boasts a foldable structure so as to save valuable floorspace. If not one for your bathroom, it would be great for hiding away inside a wardrobe or cupboard. Chic and highly functional, it's rare to find a double laundry bag that looks this good.

Size: W25cm x x L54cm x H68cm
Construction: Cotton and wire

Dunelm Lights and Darks Laundry Bag, £16

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3. H&M Jute laundry basket

Durable thanks to its jute construction, this handsome laundry bag is definitely one that you'll want to display. Whether that be in your bedroom nestled in a corner, or inside your bathroom for guests to see (and your towels to live) is your choice. Boasting a wow-worthy striped design, it has strong handles and its thick construction means it will stay in shape - and it will stand upright and keep its shape for years to come.

Size: H50cm x D40cm
Construction: Jute

H&M Jute laundry basket, £24.99

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4. Matalan Bear Laundry Basket

One for the kids' bedroom, this playful wicker basked is shaped and decorated to look like a bear. Complete with a lid that boasts ears, it completely hides their dirty washing whilst adding charm to their bedroom. With a small hole in its lid for inserting socks and tiny clothes, it's practial - and sizeable enough to hold quite a lot of small clothes. How cute!

Size: H50cm x D33cm
Construction: Wicker

Matalan Bear Laundry Basket, £38

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5. H&M Canvas laundry bag

A subtle yet effective choice for busy households, buy more than one of these canvas bags to separate your washing easily. Otherwise, its shoulder strap makes it easy to cart your washing from your bathroom to your utility, or from your home to a laundrette should you not have space for a machine. With a drawstring closure to hide whatever's inside, we say that this versatile laundry bag can either be hidden away or you could style it on show. Sometimes basic is best, and this no-frills option proves our point.

Size: D25cm x W40cm x H43cm
Construction: Canvas

H&M Canvas laundry bag, £19.99

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6. Dunelm White Tuscany Laundry Hamper

Give your laundry a permanent space in your home with help from this hamper. It's made from wood and it's water resistant, plus it sits on feet. With modern louvre detailing, it ought to blend into your bathroom no problem. Plus, there's the fact it has a solid removable lid. It might not be a laundry basket that you can lug from room to room, but rest assured it's timeless. Guests will never even know what's inside, so you can style it anywhere you like.

Size: H53cm x W50cm x D30cm
Construction: Wood

Dunelm White Tuscany Laundry Hamper, £69

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7. Moss Laundry Basket

Made for minimalist bathrooms and bedrooms, this metal laundry basket hides your wahshing in plain sight. It'd make a sleek addition to a mid-century modern home - or a modern bathroom with an empty corner that needs filling. Simple yet sturdy and striking, add this laundry basket to your space and thank us later.

Size: H60cm x D42cm
Construction: Cotton, Gauze, Metal Moss Laundry Basket, £39

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8. Dunelm Cotton Jute Natural Laundry Basket

Another jute option, this handcrafted bag is oversized so that you can squeeze more sheets and towels inside, to hide them away from guests' eyes. Fit for a neutral toned bathroom, it ought to brighten up any dull space (or corner). Understated with high-quality stitching, it even sits upright by itself, looking pretty, even once empty. The best part? Jute is a naturally sustainable material, making this laundry basket a great eco-friendly option.

Size: H62cm x D32cm
Construction: Jute

Dunelm Cotton Jute Natural Laundry Basket, £25

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9. La Redoute Monteo Laundry Basket

Wrapped in a sand coloured polycotton fabric to disguise with the rest of your neutral decor, this simple option is ideal for smaller households. Once empty you can easily store it away, plus it has two handles for carrying from room to room collecting socks and various other washing that's due a trip to the machine. It's a failsafe buy that can live anywhere from your utility room to inside the kids' wardrobe or in your en-suite bathroom.

Size: H60cm x W40cm
Construction: Polycotton

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10. Dunelm Bamboo Laundry Ladder

Should you have free wall space above where you are planning on placing your laundry basket, then we say to go for this laundry ladder from Dunelm. Not only is it made from bamboo, but it can hold your washing and display a few towels on its rails. Talk about space-savvy! The laundry hamper itself is detachable from the ladder and is made from polycotton, and alltogether it's impressively lightweight. Something to consider if you don't want to drill any holes in your walls for racks or hangers to hold and display your towels.

Size: W43.7cm x L33cm x H131.2cm
Construction: Bamboo

Dunelm Bamboo Laundry Ladder, £35

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