Lavazza Voicy review: we tried the Alexa-enabled smart coffee machine

The Lavazza Voicy combines high-quality pod coffee with the smart functions of Alexa. This Lavazza Voicy review puts the smart coffee machine to the test
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  • The Lavazza Voicy is the newest innovation from Lavazza’s A Modo Mio range, which features heavily in our best pod coffee machine roundup. It’s easy on the eyes and very straightforward to set up, but it’s also Lavazza’s most expensive pod coffee machine to date. That’s because of the in-built Alexa speaker, which you’ll see front and centre on the machine. You can instruct Alexa to pour you a coffee using this, but when you pair it with your smart phone and Alexa account, it also develops a fresh range of handy features, which really do make the pod coffee process as easy as it gets.

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    This smart coffee machine is undeniably sleek and it will certainly slot into any modern kitchen with ease, but there’s only so much a smart speaker can do when making you a coffee. It can start the process and offer some custom settings, but when it comes to adding the mug and pod for your morning coffee, you’re on your own. So, is the Lavazza Voicy worth the money? In this Lavazza Voicy review, we put it to the test to find out.

    Ideal Home rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Reasons to buy:

    • Easy to set up and use
    • Compact design
    • Quality speaker
    • High-quality coffee
    • Adjustable settings

    Reasons to avoid:

    • Not much on-board control
    • Expensive

    Lavazza Voicy

    Image credit: Lavazza

    Inside the box:

    • Coffee machine
    • Box of Lavazza eco caps
    • Instructions book


    Lavazza Voicy

    The manual and the Lavazza Voicy

    • Coffee type: pod
    • Control type: digital and voice
    • Water tank capacity: 1.1 litres
    • Pressure: 19 bar
    • Pod holder capacity: 10 pods
    • Dimensions: ‎44 x 21.5 x 35 cm
    • Weight: 4.5kg

    Setting up

    Lavazza Voicy

    The Lavazza Voicy box

    Setting up the Lavazza Voicy was very easy. I generally avoid reviewing smart devices because I really don’t enjoy setting up smart features and pairing things to various apps and the house Wi-Fi. However, it was simply a case of plugging in the Lavazza Voicy and then using the Quick Start guide (which really is promisingly short) to get things going. I was able to pair the Lavazza Voicy both to the Lavazza app and the Alexa app on my phone to give it a full range of controls.

    Using this coffee machine is the exact same as using other machines such as the Lavazza Jolie. There isn’t a huge range of drink size options, and you can select either an espresso or lungo using the buttons on the display. You can also adjust these presets using the Lavazza app though, and I was able to make the Lungo a little longer for my partner, who likes a long coffee in the morning.

    Lavazza Voicy

    Side view of the Lavazza Voicy

    To add a pod you just lift up the lever, insert your flavour of choice (Lavazza has an impressive range) and lower it to start the brewing process. It’s then a case of either instructing Alexa to “make me a coffee” (or “make me a long coffee”, for the lungo setting) or just pressing the button, which is equally easy. You can also control the machine from the app, but I do enjoy that Lavazza hasn’t taken away all on-board controls for the machine, because it’s comforting to know you can use the machine with no Wi-Fi needed.

    Lavazza Voicy

    Adding a pod to the Lavazza Voicy

    There are light-up panels that will tell you when it’s time to clean your Voicy, empty the pod container, or when you need to top up the water level. If you ask Alexa to make you a coffee when the water level is low, it will tell you to top it up before starting the brewing process, which I appreciated.

    Smart coffee machine: what’s it like to use?

    You can use this smart coffee machine for the sole purpose of making coffee remotely, but pairing it with the Alexa app means you can literally use it in place of one of the best smart speakers, too. I used the Voicy for more than just coffee in the weeks I spent testing it. I also paired it with my Spotify app and used it to play music and stream podcasts while I was testing other kitchen appliances and doing the dishes. This was particularly useful, because I could ask Alexa to skip a song, turn down the music, or pause without having to use my hands at any point (perfect for when you’re kneading bread or elbows-deep in the washing up).

    Lavazza Voicy

    If you tell your Lavazza app how many pods you have ready to use, the Voicy will remind you to buy more if you’re running low. It also keeps track of key stats like how many coffees you’ve had in a given day.

    You can customise more than the presets with the Lavazza app. There is also the option to make yourself a ‘favourite coffee’, which will allow you to choose from two temperature levels and volumes of coffee. You can then ask Voicy to make your favourite coffee, and you can also ask it to make a ‘hot coffee’ for an added boost of heat. There is a noticeable difference in the temperature between this and the regular mode, too.

    What is the coffee like with the Lavazza Voicy?

    The coffee is excellent. If you read our other Lavazza reviews such as the Lavazza Idola Capsule coffee machine review you’ll find that Lavazza makes excellent coffee all-round. There are different pod flavours available and each machine comes with a box that shows the different tasting notes and allows you to pick your favourite ones to re-order once the box is finished.

    Lavazza Voicy

    The Lavazza Voicy with the included coffee capsules

    The coffee pods are also eco capsules, meaning they’re compostible. This is a win for anyone who’s concerned about the plastic waste involved with regular pod coffee machines. However, you do need to return them to a specific plant for them to be composted, so you can’t chuck them on your own compost heap.

    I loved the coffee the Lavazza Voicy made. It had a deliciously rich flavour and I was able to identify the differences between the different coloured pods (I liked the Dek Cremoso and the Qualita Rossa best).

    Lavazza Voicy

    The Lavazza Voicy making a coffee

    There is an abundance of crema with these pods, and it settles down after a minute or so. Lavazza also makes a milk frother called the Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy Frother which looks the part next to the Voicy and makes frothy hot milk to turn your espresso or lungo into a cappuccino or flat white. You can pick up a Lavazza machine bundled with the milk frother online for around £100 though, so the Voicy is an expensive pick when you consider that the frother will cost extra.

    Cleaning up

    I had concerns for the material of the Alexa speaker on the Voicy when placed so near the hot coffee. Fortunately, it held up very well. I experienced no splashes and the adjustable cup holder means that even an espresso shot will not froth up too much when pouring.

    The exterior wipes clean very easily, and the machine reminds you when it’s time to descale. It’s very easy to clean.

    Should you buy the Lavazza Voicy smart coffee machine?

    Image credit: Lavazza

    The Lavazza Voicy retails for £249, so it’s by no means cheap. For contrast, the Lavazza Idola costs just £99, and has on-board controls to offer more custom drink options and temperature settings. However, if you want a smart coffee machine for your home, I can’t recommend the Voicy highly enough.

    Everything about this coffee machine feels high quality, from the sturdy speaker on the front to the metal exterior. I found the setup to be relatively seamless, and the ability to control it remotely was useful for more than just pouring coffee. Sure, you’ll need to go to the machine to add a cup and pod to the machine before pouring (although conceivably you could do this the night before your morning coffee and start the process from the Lavazza app) but it also acts as a speaker. The Lavazza promps are quirky, too. Alexa will say that your Voicy is sleeping and needs to be woken up before it can get started, and it also offers a lot of help throughout the brewing process.

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