Roidmi RS60 review: a mop and cordless vacuum, combined

In this Roidmi RS60 review we took it for a spin to see if it's cut out for use on hard floors and rugs, as well as testing out the nifty mop attachment

Woman cleaning the bedroom floor with the Roidmi RS60
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Ideal Home Verdict

The Roidmi RS60 is a powerful and quiet vacuum that looks great and feels very well-made. While it's a little weighty, this feels in a high-quality, sturdy way, rather than a burdensome way. I really enjoyed the mop attachment, although there is a knack required to make the most of it, and the battery life was very impressive.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great range of attachments

  • +

    The mop works well and saves time

  • +

    It's got a long battery life

  • +

    Looks great

  • +

    Plenty of power

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The mop isn't a substitute for cleaning your floors

  • -

    It is quite expensive

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The Roidmi RS60 combines the power of the best cordless vacuums with a mop attachment, making it a great vacuum for homes with hard floors which need regular cleaning. I reviewed the Roidmi RS60 in my own home for over a month to find out if it's as good as it looks, and found that while it's not the perfect vacuum cleaner, it did a brilliant job of keeping on top of the dirt and dust in my own home.

While this is a capable vacuum cleaner, it is also expensive. It's got a range of interesting attachments that help it to stand out among the Dysons and Sharks of the world, and it also has a couple of great colours that really do look lovely on display. While it doesn't come with a stand, you can install a mount on your wall to keep the Roidmi RS60 on display in your home. Find out more in this Roidmi RS60 review.

Roidmi RS60

Why you can trust Ideal Home Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Roidmi RS60 mop and vacuum with the Ideal Home Approved logo

(Image credit: Roidmi)
  • Maximum power: 2500 mah battery
  • Dimensions: ‎61 x 32 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 Kilograms
  • Noise: 68dB
  • Dustbin capacity: 0.55 litres
  • Attachments: Soft roller, mattress cleaner, pet vacuum, crevice tool, crevice brush, mop
  • Battery life: 70 minutes
  • Speeds: 3

Who will the Roidmi RS60 suit?

Man cleaning bedroom wood flooring with the Roidmi RS60 mop

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If you have a lot of hard floors to stay on top of, the Roidmi RS60 will do a good job of mopping and vacuuming in one go. That's a great time-saver, so if you need the best vacuum cleaner to stay on top of the housework without having to spend time dragging around a canister or switching out attachments, I think the Roidmi RS60 would fit into your lifestyle perfectly.

However, if you need a vacuum cleaner to tackle predominantly carpets, you'll miss out on some of the key factors that make this vacuum worth the investment.

Unboxing the Roidmi RS60

Unboxed Roidmi RS60 mop on wood floors

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The Roidmi RS60 came well packed with predominantly recyclable materials, although a few things were wrapped in plastic. It was very easy to assemble, and I was struck by the impressive range of attachments. These include a mattress cleaner, which looks a lot like the Dyson mini motorized brush and functions in a similar way, a mop attachment with two interchangeable mop pads, a crevice tool with an added brush attachment, and a pet attachment.

This isn't designed to be a pet vacuum. Instead, it is designed to quite literally brush your pet and pick up the hair as it goes. This is a sweet idea as brushing a cat or dog can kick up a lot of fur, but given how scared my dog is of the vacuum cleaner, I know I'd never be able to get her anywhere near it to try it out!

Roidmi RS60 attachments

(Image credit: Future PLC)

What is the Roidmi RS60 like to use?

The Roidmi RS60 is a little weightier than other vacuums I've tested, although in its defense, I had just finished testing the super lightweight Dyson Micro 1.5kg. It's very maneuverable and easy to lift up or drop to reach under the table or sofa.

The roller head of the Roidmi RS60 is designed to prevent hair from wrapping around the brush, but I did find that I still got a few strands stuck around it. Given that I had tested it for about a month though, this is broadly reasonable and thanks to the tool that's designed to cut away hair tangles, it is easy to remove.

There are roller attachments at the back of the brush head, so I found it easy to push back and forth, and the mop attachment magnetically clips onto the brush head with a tank that's easy to refill and empty. This tank dispenses water onto the mop itself using the pressure that's placed on it once it's in use.


Roidmi RS60 mop attachment

The mop attachment

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The controls are placed roughly where you'd place your thumb when using the Roidmi RS60, so it feels very intuitive. However, the 'on' button is a little lower than the button that switches mode, which I'm not sure is the most intuitive placement. I found that the Roidmi RS60 functioned very well on its lowest power mode, so I didn't need to switch the power level very much and therefore didn't need to use the most accessible button too often.

Hand holding the Roidmi RS60 mopping wood floors

I found the 'on' button a little awkward to reach

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Noise-wise, the Roidmi RS60 is delightfully quiet. It runs at 68dB, compared to the 85dB I monitored on the Beko Powerclean VRT94929VI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. That's a very low noise level and I found that I was able to talk over it when cleaning, which made life a lot easier in my small flat.

Using the mop attachment

The mop attachment sticks right on magnetically, and it works by releasing water onto the pad by pressing the mop onto the floor while cleaning. I was pleased when using this because it didn't leave my floors too wet but did noticeably pick up surface-level dirt and stains. I did find that I had to go back and forth with more stuck-on marks though, and because it uses water, I would still recommend hanging onto the best mop to actually disinfect your floors. However, the Roidmi RS60 will decrease the frequency with which you need to do this.

Mopping tiles with the Roidmi RS60

The mop attachment on my kitchen floors

(Image credit: Future PLC)

A word of warning though, be sure to clean carpets before you use the mop on hard floors, because otherwise the residual water on the brush head will catch onto dust from the carpet and clog up the brush head, which is a pain to clean.

Using the Roidmi RS60 on hard floors

The Roidmi RS60 performs very well on wood floors and tile. It picks up a lot of debris on the first pass, and I found that despite the small size of the dustbin, it was large enough to do one full clean of the hard floors in my two-bed flat without the need to empty.

When you do empty the Roidmi RS60 it requires you to remove the attachment and then take the dustbin off. This is a bit of a faff, but it is than just a case of ejecting out the dirt and dust into your own bin, which is smooth enough.

The other attachments

Vacuuming a mattress with the Roidmi RS60 mattress cleaner

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The mattress cleaner is essentially a mini motorized tool, which will work on sofas and other upholstery as well as mattresses. It did do a good job of cleaning my mattress though, as well as sucking crumbs out of the crevices of my sofa.

I also liked the crevice tool, which is very similar to the crevice tool you'll find with other brands. It is great for reaching into corners and picking up scraps that the regular roller might have missed.

Person cleaning corner of wall with the crevice tool of the Roidmi RS60

The crevice tool

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Controls on the Roidmi RS60

It's got an up-front panel that shows the battery level, and when you switch off the vacuum, it will show you the amount of calories you may have burned when vacuuming. For me this was usually around 10 calories, so I could give or take this feature, but it's still good to have a digital display to see how low your battery is getting.

The battery display on the Roidmi RS60 mop

The battery display

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The battery level is very impressive though. On the lowest level it lasted 70 minutes, as promised, and then another 5 on top of that. It also charged up very quickly, and I found in the entire month I used it I only had to recharge it once.

The colour on the display will also change to reflect the mode you're on, so if you lose track of which intensity you're using, it's a good reminder.

Should you buy the Roidmi RS60?

The Roidmi RS60 mop standing against a wall

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The Roidmi RS60 is a powerful and quiet vacuum that looks great and feels very well-made. While it's a little weighty, this feels in a high-quality, sturdy way, rather than a burdensome way. I really enjoyed the mop attachment, although there is a knack required to make the most of it, and the battery life was very impressive.

This vacuum comes in two colours; white orange, and silver. Either look classy, and while the Roidmi RS60 isn't the cheapest vacuum on the market, it's also not the most expensive. If you like the sound of a mop and cordless vacuum combined, I would suggest giving the Roidmi RS60 a go. However, if you have more carpets than hard floors, you may not make the most of the main feature that makes the Roidmi RS60 stand out from the crowd.

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The Roidmi RS60 was kindly sent to Millie by Roidmi, and she tested for a month before writing this review. This gave her the chance to test all of its functions and check for any troubleshooting.

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