The best mops to buy in 2023 – 8 top buys for all floor types

Invest in the best mop to get your floors sparkling, whether they are vinyl, amtico, tiled or even hardwood.

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Hoping to replace your current, perhaps broken or otherwise lacklustre mop, for one of the best mops money can buy? You've landed in the right place. We've been spending our time trying and testing a range of floor mops on our floors, to help determine which ones are the best value for money. And to get our floors sparkling clean post-vacuuming.

Whether you have tiled floors throughout your house or your home is laminate from top to bottom, we've got the solution for you. Here, you'll find everything from mop and bucket sets to spray mops for a simple life, flat mops for easy storing and sponge mops for a deeper clean on our list.

To help sway your choice see our expert verdict on the top floor mops on the web right now, whether you're replacing an old model or you're a new homeowner so you've never owned a mop. One thing's for sure: having an easy to use mop in your cupboard ought to make this boring job a whole lot easier (and faster!).

We've also listed one of our best steam cleaners at the very end of this list, for those who want a deeper clean and don't mind paying more for it. 

The best mops of 2023

Types of mops - what they are and which you need

  • Spray mops have an integrated water tank (kind of like a water bottle) and they work by pulling the trigger. This sprays water and solution onto your floor. These tend to be easy to manoeuvre and also convenient to store.
  • Flat mops are similar to that of a spray mop, just without a built-in water tank and trigger. You'll need to use one of these with a solution in a spray bottle unless your mop works with only water to kill bacteria.
  • Mop and buckets are the most popular type of mop. They do require you to lug around the bucket as you clean, though. A mop and bucket combo is great for deeper cleaning your floors – and getting into corners.
  • Sponge mops are brilliant for cleaning tiles. They are gentle on your floors, while you might want to be careful so as not to soak your floors with a sponge mop. They are also great for use on walls, too. You will probably have to use a sponge mop with a bucket.


Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set in use to clean dirty footprints

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What is the most effective mop?

In terms of the most effective mop, when it comes to deep cleaning your floors, it has to be Vileda's Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set. With a thick microfibre head and a bucket included, this mop makes it easy to get into those corners. This also makes it great for scrubbing floors, and soaking them if need be. Plus, all you need to do is use it with hot water and it will sanitise your floors, killing 99.9% of bacteria. 

What should I use in my mop for cleaning?

Depending on the type of mop that you buy, some just require hot water for decent floor cleaning. Selected mops are equipped with heads that clean 99.9% of bacteria when wet so that you needn't use any solutions on your floors. Otherwise, whether you prefer to use a floor cleaner for peace of mind or your mop needs it, here are our favourite suggestions for shiny floors. They also leave behind a more than pleasant scent.

Is steaming floors better than mopping?

These are two different actions entirely. In fact, we suggest you do both – not all of the time though, obviously. A mop is great for daily or weekly cleaning, and perfect for quick clean-ups whether from a messy dinner time or a spilt drink. A steam cleaner, or steam mop, however, is necessary for deep cleaning. This is because they use hot steam to sanitize your floors. It would be a smart idea to use a steam mop or cleaner on your floors every month or so, with a normal floor mop being used twice a week – or more if need be.

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