Sage The 3X Bluicer review

If a blender and a juicer got together, you'd get the Sage The 3X Bluicer. We put it to the test in this Sage The 3X Bluicer review to see if it's a marriage made in heaven
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  • If you combined a blender and a juicer, you’d end up with the Sage The 3X Bluicer. It’s got two interchangeable attachments that can transform it from blender to juicer in seconds, but is it good enough to rival the best juicers and blenders independently?

    I’ve been reviewing blenders and juicers for quite some time, so my expectations of a £300 blender-juicer combo were fairly high. After all, you could pick up a decent one of each for a lower combined cost. After a few weeks of making morning smoothies and afternoon apple juices though, I would be happy to recommend the Sage The 3X Bluicer to anyone who wants a breakfast appliance that does it all.

    Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

    If you’ve got the space to store it, the Sage The 3X Bluicer is a worthwhile investment.

    Reasons to buy:

    • It’s a speedy juicer
    • The blending modes are smart and hands-free
    • The display has a countdown timer
    • Pulp came out bone dry
    • Cleaning is straightforward
    • While it’s bulky, the design is smart

    Reasons not to buy: 

    • Lots of storage space required
    • No solo controls for the blender
    • It’s an expensive choice

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    Note that I tested the Sage The 3X Bluicer, and not the Sage The 3X Bluicer Pro. What’s the difference? Well, while they look a little different, it’s pretty much the same machine under the hood. The Sage The 3X Bluicer Pro has a smarter control panel with a dial to allow you to choose your desired setting, whereas the Sage The 3X Bluicer uses good old buttons to select your mode. The Pro also has 10 speed settings for juicing, whereas the Bluicer has 5.

    You can buy the Sage The 3X Bluicer direct from the Sage website

    Product Specs:

    Weight: 9.5kg
    Dimensions: 39.8 x 41 x 45.1 cm
    Power: 1000W
    Programs: self-clean, smoothie, ice crush, frozen cocktail, 5 juicing settings
    Pitcher capacity: 1.5L


    The Sage The 3X Bluicer has a juicer attachment and a blender attachment. When using the juicer, you can place the blender jug under the spout to collect your juice, which means there’s one less thing to store when you’re finished juicing.

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    You secure the attachments in using a metal lever that simply hooks into place. Doing this will illuminate the control panel showing that the machine is ready to go. Along with the blender and juicer attachments you get a cleaning brush, spout and stopper for the juicer, and a control manual with a guide on the different settings.

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    There are 9 settings on the smart blender base. Four are for blending: there’s self-clean, ice crush, smoothie, and frozen cocktail. Then there are five juicer settings, with varying speeds for different types of fruit and veggies. Generally speaking, soft fruits like lemons and limes ought to go on setting one, and hard ingredients like carrots and apples should go on mode five.

    Blending in the Sage The 3X Bluicer

    The Sage The 3X Bluicer is a very capable blender indeed. I found that it had no trouble on the smoothie mode, which is a minute-long preset that pulses and continuously blitzes to make sure that every ingredient is equally smooth.

    You can pause the settings at any time, which helped when adding more ingredients, and you are also able to switch between settings if you feel that you’ve selected the wrong one.

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    I also used the Sage The 3X Bluicer to make a smoothie bowl by adding frozen fruit chunks as well as ice and whole frozen strawberries to the pitcher. Even the best blenders struggle with this, and it did take a bit more work, but I found that I would have preferred to have a pulse button where I could have controlled the flow of the blender myself instead of watching the smoothie mode struggle to integrate chunks of frozen banana.

    I made the smoothie bowl on the ice crush mode, then gave it a stir and put on the smoothie mode to smooth out it. Despite the process being a little fiddly, I was left with a thick and creamy smoothie by the end of it that I had to scoop out.

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    Juicing in the Sage The 3X Bluicer

    The Sage The 3X Bluicer is an excellent juicer. It’s centrifugal, which means it works fast and shreds fruits and vegetables to remove the juice, with the pulp flowing out of the back into a massive 3 litre bin. While I’ve had some issues with juicers such as the Nutribullet Juicer filling up their pulp bins a little too fast, I do prefer an on-board pulp bin as it requires less storage space when not in use.

    Minimial prep is needed to make juice in the Sage The 3X Bluicer. You can fit a whole apple into the chute with no need to slice it, and I found that the pusher was great for getting the process started.

    The juice I made was a little frothy,  but this was easy to remove when pouring, and not unpleasant to drink, either! I made an apple and lemon juice with the highest setting for the apples and the softest for the lemons.

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    The quality of the juice was delicious, and I was very impressed by the pulp, which was bone-dry and easy to remove using the flat side of the cleaning brush.

    The juicer is also very fast. It took a while to catch on the apples, but once it did start juicing, the whole thing was speedy. Unlike the blending modes where there is a preset amount of time, the juicing mode will run continuously while you add more ingredients. You can pause it in-between ingredients or while you prep your fruit.

    Cleaning the Sage The 3X Bluicer

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    The blender on self-clean mode

    The blender has a self-clean mode. You just add some water and dish soap to the blender and top it off with the lid. If you’ve made a particularly large smoothie you may need to go under the lid and do some cleaning by hand, but I was always impressed by how well the Sage The 3X Bluicer self-cleaned.

    The juicer is a little trickier to clean, but all the component parts can be rinsed clean very easily, and there is a brush included to remove built-up pulp from the mesh filter.

    Should you buy the Sage The 3X Bluicer?

    Sage The 3X Bluicer

    It’s got a fair few component parts to store, but if you can spare the space, the Sage The 3X Bluicer is definitely a smart investment. It’s an expensive choice, but you’ll find that the blender and juicer attachments are high-quality enough to justify this.

    It is lacking some functions that could be useful, such as a manual mode for the blender, but because it’s got a powerful 1000-watt motor you’ll find that there’s not much that the Sage The 3X Bluicer can’t do. That goes for the juicer too, which left me with very dry pulp and a delicious drink in no time at all.

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    Millie tested the Sage The 3X Bluicer from her own home for two weeks before returning it to Sage, who kindly loaned it to her for the purposes of this review.

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