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In our new interview series, we talk to our favourite bloggers about their trend predictions and styles. Here, we meet Lucy Gleeson...

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1. Paint or wallpaper – if you had to choose?

Paint. I do love wallpaper and find it incredibly inspiring but with wallpaper, my ideas and likes change all the time. I find it inspiring to look at and think rooms look really pretty with a great print but I find paint more calming and you can change it more frequently without too much bother. There are so many incredible paint colours out there now too so we are all spoilt for choice. That’s not to say though, that I wouldn’t use wallpaper - it would have to be one that I knew I would love for a very long time.

2. How can you introduce dark colour to a space?

Paint one wall with a bold accent colour - this can make the room more defined for a start. I would opt for the wall opposite the entry space but this depends on whether it already has many features already ie windows, wall lights etc. If it does then choose a wall that has less detail. I would also say make sure that the flow is right from one room to another - maybe with some pictures or accessories in the rooms nearest. If the rest of your house is all bright with one darker space it will look a bit out of place unless you are going for dramatic impact.

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3. When decorating a room, where should you spend your money and where should you NEVER cut corners?

I would say it’s important to buy artwork and furniture that you can see yourself with in ten years time. Although it doesn’t always need to be more expensive, just well thought out. It’s not always necessary to buy the most expensive paint as there are lots of companies now that offer good quality but do invest in eco friendly if you can. Good for you and for the environment. Current trends are quite often exciting when we look at magazines or Pinterest but will you still be wanting a tropical look living room in a years time? So my advice there is to not spend too much on a fad - but of you like the style then maybe blend in a few pieces in to your home without spending a lot on them

4. What one colour would you never decorate with? 

Brown. It has its place but it’s just too sombre for me. I like very definite hues that are bright and happy. Brown is quite tricky to lift although I have seen some people do wonderful things with this colour. It’s just not my favourite. Having said that I hope one day I get the challenge in my interior design to prove myself wrong!

5. How does your house reflect you and your family?

It’s very homely. We are animal lovers so it isn’t spick and span always. My husband works in music and my eldest daughter is becoming quite talented musically, so we have quite a lot of instruments around and related pictures on the walls. It’s obviously pretty colourful with lots of pinks (luckily my husband likes pink too) and blue. I do however love the serenity of the Scandi look - we are doing up the bedroom at the moment with more white and muted shades.

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6. How do you decide whether to buy something or make it yourself?

As I sew there are lots of things nowadays that I can’t really justify asking someone else to make. So it’s just a case of whether it’s achievable or not. If I think I can make it - I will try! Sometimes though it is cheaper to buy it then make it so there’s that to consider.

7. Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere. Luckily we live near the Suffolk coastline of Southwold and Aldeburgh and there is always much inspiration to be found there and the nature around. But also being in London as much as I can helps. There’s nothing like a walk around Liberty, Heals or Selfridges to remind yourself of how many clever designers there are around. I find it’s important for me to bounce ideas off other people so even meeting with a creative friend helps.

8. How would you give your home a new lease of life without breaking the bank?

A lick of paint and some trips to the local auction for some furniture that you can do up yourself. There are also so many tutorials online now for wall murals and other ways of changing the look of your room quite radically without spending much at all. One really good way to spruce up a room is to have a mass clear out of items that you don’t really love anymore - have a yard sale and make a bit more cash to treat yourself to something new. It feels so good and I think decluttering is good for the mind.

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9. Ever had an epic DIY disaster?

One or two! I think the worst was choosing a paint that we really liked without testing it out first. Andy, my husband painted a big room with three coats while I was away, which took him quite a while and then when I got home the room looked ten shades darker with this awful indescribable colour! How did I ever think it was nice in the pot? We repainted it the next day but it was time consuming! Colours vary depending on the light each room. So my advice is always get a tester pot first.

10. Describe your style in three words:

Colourful, quirky and cheerful.

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