10 thoughts everyone has while walking around Dobbies

From overbuying plants to whiling away nearly an entire day - here's a list of those moments that every garden-centre aficionado will recognise

garden area with table and flower pots

(Image credit: Future PLC/Allan Pollok-Morris)

1 Where is the café?
One thing Dobbies does very well is a café. And it's hard to resist a cup of coffee at the start of your trip, especially if you've gone with a friend and want to have a chat before you begin to hunt for garden plants.

2 Ooooh, that's a pretty tea towel
Dobbies is an absolute expert at positioning pretty things in your path. Objects you never even thought you needed suddenly appear in front of you and you just have to have them.

3 But you didn't come here to buy a tea towel
You're totally tempted, but the angelic side of your brain tries to rationalise with you: 'You have a million tea towels. Do you really need any more?' You admit that the angelic side of your brain has a very good point, but she rarely wins the argument.

4 Perhaps I will go and stroll round the aquatic section
Dobbies has some impressive fish tanks and it's fun to take a look at all the different species they sell. Those large goldfish and koi are just lovely.

5 A pond would be nice...
You could put some fish in it... And it would be amazing.

6 Is it time to go back to the café yet?
A couple of hours have gone by and it's nearly time for lunch... Baked potato anyone?

7 Perhaps I had better look at some plants first
Just before it gets really busy in here...

8 Oh dear, this trolley is getting rather full of flowers and greenery
You've walked around the outdoor section and have more than enough plants to fill your garden. But you just can't get enough - maybe just one more then...

9 Oooh, look at that gorgeous pair of gardening gloves
And just as you thought you had finished, there's another pretty product right in your sight.

10 Oh dear, I've been here for hours already
I'd better go home before I buy anything else... Oooh, look at that pretty set of floral secateurs... I need those...