10 ways to give your home a colour fix

Choose saturated shades for furniture, art and objects and you’ll lift your home to another level…

hallway with decorative chair and plants

(Image credit: moroso)

1. Make an entrance

Add drama in the hallway with a colour-popping piece of furniture or art. Your probably won't have room for an extravagant woven throne, but you get the idea....

living room with cupboard and chairs

(Image credit: moroso)

2. Juxtapose dark with bright for impact

A black stucco wall is the perfect foil for African artefacts, contemporary furniture and modern art.

living space with sofa and painting

(Image credit: moroso)

3. Brighten up the basement

A colourful sunken seating area, designed as a modern conversation pit, keeps energy levels high.

dining room with table and wooden floor

(Image credit: moroso)

4. Ensure colourful conversion

Meal times are never dull in this family dining room where tweedy textures mix with florals and graphic black and white, alongside vibrant chairs and table.

dining table with flower vase

(Image credit: moroso)

5. Create a mis-matched grouping of items

The multi-coloured chairs were a beautiful accident that happened in the factory, but it's an idea that inspires. Different shapes are anchored with a dramatic red table.

dining table with flower vase on red floor

(Image credit: moroso)

6. Break the rules

An unexpected red floor warms up this casual dining area. A modern fireplace doubles up as a room divider.

living space with dining table and paintings

(Image credit: moroso)

7. Clash with elegance

Yes, it is possible! It works because all the items are beautiful and artfully propped against a white background.

kitchen area with worktop and flower vase

(Image credit: moroso)

8. Make a splash

A little colour goes a long way in the kitchen which is simply chic, save for the tall green and blue chairs on the terrace outside.

living space with painting and plant pot

(Image credit: moroso)

9. Create a vibrant vignette

A beautiful light set against a colourful artwork is a simple yet stunning statement in this corner of the living room.

bedroom with green bed and red carpet

(Image credit: moroso)

10. Go bold in the bedroom

Red, gold, black and green bring soul into this space, while sections of glass bring the outside in.