3 quick jobs for a rainy bank holiday

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  • With bad weather upon us for the bank holiday, here are a few jobs that can fill those rainy days and give you an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that you haven't wasted the weekend

    Planning to spend the bank-holiday weekend barbecuing and
    gardening? Bad news – I’m afraid. Rumour has it an Arctic chill is on
    its way, bringing with it rain and sleet and a major dampener on
    sun-filled plans. So don’t pull the barbecue out of the shed yet – get
    the toolbox out instead and tackle one of these quick and easy tasks, so your bank holiday indoors isn’t time wasted.

    1 Get tough on grouting Want to give your bathroom or kitchen a cheap lift that will have maximum impact for minimal cost? Then it’s time to take on your tiles. Make your old wall tiles look like new by regrouting them. Visit a local DIY store for a ready-filled silicone gun. Grind and scrape out the old grout, then regrout the tiles. Keep a cup of water nearby for you to dip your finger in, then wipe your wet finger along the silicone to smooth it to create a professional finish. Wipe of any excess grout and clean and polish the tile.

    2 Put up family favourites In this age of instant digital presence, it’s easy just flicking through pics on an iPad or phone, then confining them to your memory bank. Why not pick some of your favourites, put them in simple, matching frames and hang on your wall as a nostalgic arrangement? Or take time to sort through those shoe boxes of old prints that sit on the top of the wardrobe – you may find some corkers you’ve forgotten about.

    3 Go to work No – we don’t mean that you should actually head out of the front door and put in extra hours at the office with your nose to the grindstone. However, time well spent on a dreary bank holiday Monday is transforming your home office or study area. Look at it with an objective eye. Clutter everywhere? Clear it, remembering to shred any paperwork you don’t want others to see. Seat uncomfortable? Make a cushion for it or pad the seat with foam and some pretty fabric. Bored by a bland and uninspiring space? Paint the chair legs or shop for a colourful new light or some new pretty files and storage boxes.

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