5 lessons we've learnt from George Clarke

There's a lot we can learn from the man behind George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and The Home Show, namely how to appreciate your tiny home...

outside with george clarke and navy blue shirt
(Image credit: george clarke)

He may have a pad in Notting Hill, but we know George Clarke has a passion for transforming small spaces into amazing homes. From the sustainable tree house
(remember that episode?) to the pimped up campervan, this man knows a thing or two about tiny spaces. Here's what we've learnt from Mr Clarke....

1. Have a vision

If you've ever watched George on The Restoration Man or George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, you'll know that George has a vision. He loves the idea of restoring old properties or dilapidated horse trailers. Whether you're dealing with a compact flat or tiny room, think about your end goal - do you need a multi-functional space? How much time will you be spending there?

vintage garden with pot table and chair

(Image credit: future PLC/Rachel Whiting)

2. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty

He's never afraid to get stuck in. Obviously, being a trained architect, George has got a wealth of knowledge when it comes to transforming spaces. Here at Housetohome, he's certainly inspired us to get out our power drill and have a go. We're not going too ambitious though, but we've definitely got any shelving or decorating work covered...

white wall with wooden flooring and paint roller

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3. Think about dual-purpose furniture

Remember the campervan where the seat was a bed and the table was a storage unit? Yep, when it comes to tiny homes it's all about multi-functional, clever design.

girls bedroom with pink wall and curtains on window

(Image credit: future PLC/Brent Darby)

4. Stay true to your home's spirit

Whether you live in a modern new-build or a tiny Victorian conversion, think about the true 'spirit' of your home. Let period features sing out and make the most of any natural light. When it comes to small space living, we need to embrace our home's unique features.

living room with fire place and floor lamp with arm chair

(Image credit: TBC)

5. Have fun

What's a decorating project if it's not fun? Make your home reflect your personality and have fun re-creating looks you've seen online or in magazines. George always looks like he loves what he does, so we're taking our cue from the great man himself!

hallway with white wall and stairway

(Image credit: future PLC/Chris Everard)