6 reasons to love your modern new build home

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  • Period features? Pah! Say hello to double glazing and warm winter nights

    The period features might not be original
    (or not in residence at all) but there are some serious perks to living in a modern home. Here’s why you should celebrate your new build in all its shiny glory…

    1. Wonder windows

    They might not have that classic sash look, but these bad boys really are a dream. They don’t rattle, let heat out or cause a draught. After years of renting in a Victorian flat which needed Clingfilm wrapped around them in the winter (true story), modern PVC windows are one of my favourite features in my new build.

    2. Warm Winter nights

    The windows keep the heat in, so the central heating can take the winter off. Well, the Autumn, anyway. Modern homes are energy efficient and built for green living, so the chances of needing the heating on as much as in a classic build are slim. Which is fine by our bank balances.

    3. Chain-free buying

    If you’re buying an off-spec new build, the chances are it will be chain-free. This might not gaurentee a faff-free ride, but it sure does speed up the whole ridiculous system of buying and selling a house.


    It’s low maintenance living

    While every home needs a certain level of up-keep and investment, modern builds are less likely to new shed loads of work at regular intervals. You won’t need to repair, restore or give modern flooring half as much love and attention as you would in a period property.

    5. You’re going green

    A new build is a friend of the environment, as materials used are more likely to be environmentally friendly with designers conscious of their carbon footprint.

    6. No nasty surprises

    Redecorating or renovating a modern property isn’t laced with half as much worry as doing up something like a Victorian build, where you never really know what’s lurking under those floorboards or what the builder might uncover (and bill you for).

    Disagree? Then you might prefer our seven reasons to love living in a classic Victorian terrace.


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