7 easy ways to take the stress out of buying your new home

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  • Buying a new home doesn't have to be the most stressful thing in the world

    It’s official, buying a home is one of the most stressful things you’ll every do, but before you start having a nervous breakdown, take a look at our top tips for making the process as pain-free as possible. Between us here at Housetohome we’ve bought plenty of houses (even some auction properties which come with a nail-biting 6 week completion period) so we know a thing or two about making the while thing as stress-free as possible.

    1. Be prepared to compromise
    House-hunting can be soul-destroying, especially if the supply out there does not meet the demand (a major problem in London). While it’s good to narrow down your search it can make the process very difficult. Think about what your non-negotiable are and be realistic – are you really going to get a family sized garden in the particular part of the city?

    2. Plan your finances carefully
    Buying a home is costly business. Even if you have budgeted carefully for stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and any selling costs, remember that you will need to pay to move all your items from one place to another. Plus you may have a few nasty surprises when you first arrive in your new home (one Housetohome team member arrived to find her new home such a mess she had to buy our own body weight in cleaning products!)

    3. Scout around for a good solicitor
    Your solicitor will be a key person in the process. They should be organised, easily contactable and willing to answer any of your queries. Shop around and find someone good – it’s worth asking family and friends if they have any recommendations.

    4. Pack early
    You can never be too organised when it comes to packing. One Housetohome member packed as soon as she got her survey back! Start with the non-essentials and label all the boxes clearly. It’ll make it so much easier when you unpack the other end.

    5. Declutter first
    It’s worth having a good look at all your items and thinking hard about what is worth hanging on to and what is worth throwing out. It’s never too early to start decluttering. Plus you can sell any nicer items on Ebay to raise some cash for your upcoming move!

    6. Keep level-headed
    House buying is very stressful so remember to keep level-headed and remain as detached as you possible can. Even though you may want to plan that fantastic new kitchen extension or the perfect curtains for the bedroom, don’t get too emotionally invested in the early stages. We understand this is easier said than done!

    7. Enjoy
    Enough said guys, this is the new chapter in your life, enjoy it!

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