7 tell-tale signs you live in a small town

From bumping into people in the street, to knowing all the staff in the local supermarket, here are a few unspoken truths that prove you live in a small town

Even if you think you're not a small town person, there are a few obvious signs that you're a living in a small town environment. Maybe you can't go out without seeing several people you know, or maybe you're happy to leave your front door unlocked... Here are a few tale-tell signs you live in a small town...

1. You barely step out the front door before having to wave/greet/stop and chat to people

Whether it's the local yoga teacher or your old school friend, you pretty much know everyone in your area. And every time you step out the front door you have to stop, chat and wave to several of your local chums!

yellow front door with grey wooden wall and bench with cushions

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2. You're on first name terms with nearly all the staff in your local supermarket

From the cashiers to the security staff, you know everyone in your local supermarket. Watch out, next time you'll be invited their work's night out!

supermarket with product shelving and posters

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3. Whenever you pop out you're happy to leave your front door unlocked

There's a level of trust that you have when you live in a small town which means you hardly ever need to lock your door. And when you do, you also keep another key "hidden" in a flower
pot so your neighbours, relatives and friends would know where to find
it if needed.

white wall with front door and telephone

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4. When people ask where you are from refer to the largest town close by

They've probably never heard of your actual hometown, and you'd only be met with a confused expression.

town with public and market

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5. Everyone seems to know your business

Everyone keeps up on every detail of your life thanks to all your relatives, friends and neighbours gossiping about pretty much everything!

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6. All the shops close by 6pm and there is no-where that delivers food after 9pm

City dwellers may find this infuriating, but small towners are used to doing all their shopping on a Saturday and not relying on takeaways too much!

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7. All classes and events are held in the same local town hall/community centre

Whether it's zumba or choir practice, there is only one venue for all the events in your area and it's normally a local town hall or community centre...

exterior with school house and plants

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