8 things Kirstie Allsopp has taught us about our homes

From finding the perfect location to upcycling your furniture, the host of TV's Location, Location, Location knows a thing or two about homes and property....

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1. Location is everything

As they say on TV's Location, Location, Location searching for a new home is not easy. The area or neighbourhood is normally the driving factor in your purchasing choice. And remember that old saying, it's better to buy the worst house on the best street than the best house on the worst street.

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2. Upcycling is best!

Kirstie is a big fan of upcycling. You only need to look at her show Fill Your House For Free to see her love of tatty old furniture that can be easily transformed into something super stylish. So next time you pass an old chair that's been left out on the street, think about it's upcycling potential!

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3. Family comes first

Whether you've chosen to live a stylish urban flat or you're relocating to rural location, Kirstie always makes us put our family first. Think ahead - will your home be right for a growing family? Are you close enough to relatives and loved ones?

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4. Compromise is key

Do you love antiques and traditional armchairs, while your other half favours flat-pack furniture and low-level sofas? As Kirstie often finds out in her TV show, some couples just don't see eye-to-eye on homes and interiors. A word of advice, be prepared to compromise...

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5. Embrace your quirky side

From vintage finds to wall murals, Kirstie loves an eclectic home. In her London pad she's relocated her wardrobe to the kitchen and filled it up with utensils and crockery!

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6. Think about your home's potential

Have you got a rather lack-lustre pad? Or are you desperate for more space? Kirstie is a big advocate of looking beyond the obvious when improving your home. Perhaps you could you extend up into the loft or why not add to the side return? Whatever the design solution, transforming your space could be the answer...

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7. Restore orginal features

From fireplaces to coving, Kirstie loves a few original features in her home. And so do we!

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8. Negotiate hard!

We've all watched the part in Location, Location, Location where Kirsty has to broker a good deal while her poor clients wait anxiously for the outcome. We're going to channel our inner Alan Sugar and drive a hard bargain next time we're negotiating on a new house/sofa/electricty provider

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