Create pretty paper flowers in 3 easy steps

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  • Craft stylish hydrangeas from tissue paper so you have a beautiful display that lasts all year round

    Give your home a summer update with these oh-so-pretty tissue paper hydrangeas. This simple make takes next to no time 
and is the perfect alternative to real blooms if you want a long-lasting option.

    You will need

    Tissue paper

    Thin wire Scissors Wire cutters

Smooth, straight twig or small branch

    Step one

    Lay six pieces of tissue paper 
on top of each other and cut a 34cm x 16cm rectangle through 
all the layers. Fold in 2cm pleats like an accordion, and secure in the centre with a small piece of wire. Use scissors to round off one end of the tissue paper strip.

    Step two

    Carefully pull the layers of tissue paper apart from each other 
and outwards, one at a time. This will ‘fluff’ up the shape to create 
a 3D flower. Don’t worry if some of the paper rips slightly in the process, it can 
be easily hidden by other layers.

    Step three

    Clean and dry a smooth twig or small branch and attach a piece of wire to one end. Push the end of the wire into the centre of your paper flower to secure in place and use the tissue paper to cover up any wire still showing.

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