Creative conversions: Can you guess which buildings these homes used to be?

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  • Incredible transformations – prepare to be amazed!

    We love having a nosy around other people’s homes – the quirkier and more unusual the better. But sometimes even we’re surprised by the transformations we discover once we’re through the keyhole of homes around the country (and world).

    So, can you guess which buildings these stunning homes were in a previous life? We’re giving you an interiors shot and a cunning clue before the big reveal – let us know how you get on…

    1. The shape of the roof and large windows in this house might give away its former role in the local community – although it’s now just got the one desk rather than rows and rows lined up ready for learning.

    …it was a schoolhouse. Yes, this charming building is a former primary school which was converted into a family home in the 1970s.

    2. This large open-plan apartment in sunny Melbourne was once an epic building producing a comfy bedroom essential.

    …it was a mattress factory.

    3. Rural was the name of the game for this country number back in the day, but nowadays there are more human inhabitants than animals.

    …it was an 18th
    century barn building – now a five-bedroom family home in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

    4. The windows might give this one away, but there’s certainly no sign of its strict past inside.

    …it was a primary school – a Grade II listed former school dating from 1767 to be precise.

    5. The former workers of this beautiful building will be pleased the owners have a few gorgeous prints on the wall – a defining feature of its heritage.

    …it’s a former print works. This renovated printing factory in Marseilles, France, combines industrial chic with contemporary design classics.

    6. There are three pretty major clues to this stunner’s former role: Stained glass windows, high ceilings and the beautiful pulpit.

    …it’s a converted church. This a grade II listed flint-and-stone church conversion in Hertfordshire now has a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, sunroom, study, utility room, cloakroom, four bedrooms (two en suite) and bathroom.

    7. Beautiful beams and sympathetic design touches mean this conversion has kept a nod to its gothic heritage throughout the property.

    …it’s a church hall in west Yorkshire. This Grade II listed converted church hall now features a living/dining room, kitchen, mezzanine office, bedroom, bathroom and wet room.

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