How to decorate with colour

The ultimate guide to colour

With the arrival of Spring we’ve suddenly got a taste for all things colour-related.

Being the kind bunch we are, we decided to share our enthusiasm and decorating wisdom with you. So whether you’re au fait with bold brights or have a preference for modern muted hues, we’ve put together all sorts of ideas and tips to help decorate your home in a shade that suits your style.

Find your ideal shade

Pink living room

Everyone has a favourite colour, whether it’s nature-inspired blue, passionate purple or vibrant yellow. And within that, it’s likely you have a tonal preference, too – from brights, to muted or pastel hues. Here are our guides to using each colour, whatever your interior style.

How to use greens

How to use yellows and oranges

How to use reds, purples and pinks

How to use blues and greys

How to use neutrals

Find the perfect colour to suit your personality

Chilled-out, calm and quiet or bold and brilliant? If you want to know what your choice of colour says about you, or want to pick the right palette for your personality, watch our video on what your decorating colour says about you.

Create the perfect colour scheme

Monochrome bedroom

Chosen your colour but not quite sure how to work it in your living areas? Fear not. Here are four instant options to help you on your way to colour scheme perfection.

Keep it simple with a tonal scheme

Create calm with a harmonious scheme

Go for wow with a contrasting scheme

Fall in love with a monochrome scheme

5 colour rules that are meant to be broken

How to add colour to every room

Bright orange kitchen

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of choosing the right colour for every room in your home. We’ve pulled together a selection of room ideas to get your creative juices flowing.





Living rooms

Dining rooms

Children’s rooms

Home offices


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