Easter wreath ideas for spring decorating

Forget Christmas wreaths, now it's all about the Easter garland. Here are a few of our favourite Easter wreaths to inspire you

Easter wreaths in bright colours are beginning to appear on front doors as the country steps into spring.

From new spring buds to painted eggs, sugary treats and bright pops of colour, here are the best Easter wreath ideas to inspire you for the long bank holiday weekend.

floral easter wreath

(Image credit: TBC)

Daffodils are a national symbol for spring so they are definitely required if you're making a blooming beautiful floral display. We love how this wreath is covered in bouquets of tiny daffs that are secured in all directions. Don't miss our daffodil decorating ideas.

fruit easter wreath

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Show off the fruits of your labour, quite literally, by adding a few frosted berries, apples or pears to your door ornament. Whether fake or real, this juicy treat will add a splash of colour to your knocker.

dried flowers and strings easter wreath

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Create a dual purpose wreath by turning it into a string-board to hold your Easter cards too. If you use dried flowers you can even keep the wreath up long after the holidays end.

sugar-coated treats easter wreath

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We are all culprits of eating too many sweets after our 40 day fast, but if you can spare a few, this circular display of sugar-coated treats is a dainty decoration. Hang it from chairs, handles or interior doors.

budding flowers easter wreath

(Image credit: TBC)

Spring has arrived and has brought a bloom of budding flowers. Get creative and add as many petals as you can to a grand showstopper hanging from your door.

egg with easter wreath

(Image credit: TBC)

Before the Easter Bunny visits, make some homemade wreaths using the most traditional symbol of the holiday - eggs. Hollowed hen eggs have been coloured in beautiful pastel tones and sit in a spindly caging alongside birds.

wicker ring and plenty of flowers with easter wreath

(Image credit: TBC)

Get kids to make their own wreaths over the bank holiday weekend to keep them entertained. Try a basic wicker ring and plenty of flowers.

bird box with easter wreath

(Image credit: TBC)

We love the idea of hanging this dainty wreath from a bird box. The twisted twigs, patterned feathers and natural elements of the wreath are perfect for the time of year.

Paper flowers aster wreath in rainbow colours

(Image credit: TBC)

Paper flowers in rainbow colours will swing beautifully in a light spring breeze this Easter. Another great project for the kids and far easier to maintain and make than a real floral wreath.

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