Blooming marvelous – 7 inspiring ideas to fill your home with fake flowers

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  • For a long lasting and trans-seasonal display, get creative by arranging fake flowers into a stylish statement piece. With the added advantage that they require no pruning or watering, are easy to clean and are available in a wide selection of colours, artificial flowers are both beautiful and practical. Here's seven inspiring ideas for how to use them in your home...

    1. Create a cohesive colour scheme

    Use artificial flowers to create a consistent and cohesive colour scheme in your home. Follow Neptune’s lead, and match the colours of a Hydrangea bouquet to accessories and furnishings for a bold and bright look.

    2. Arrange a striking window display

    Here, a deep-red rosette shaped Sempervivum is boldly contrasted with feathery green fronds. This type of arrangement looks particularly pleasing in a group of urns of differing heights on a sunny windowsill.

    3. Chose flowers that have a short seasonal window

    Fake flowers are trans-seasonal, allowing you to surround yourself with your favourite blooms all year round. If, for example, you love Peonies – which have a very short seasonal window – choosing a few artificial stems (these ones are from Bloom) in a variety of your favourite colours will bring you all the joy of the real deal without the inevitable expiry date.

    4. Bring the outdoors in

    Artificial flowers can be used to create unity between a garden and an indoor space. Positioned on an outdoor-style dining table, OKA‘s faux Hydrangea’s compliment the fully blossomed garden while adding to the feeling of being outdoors.

    5. Create an exotic scheme

    Opt for exotic and rare flowers to create a striking look. Bloom’s Calla Lilies, which in their real form are native to South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique, are a convincing and life-like option. Add to the illusion that they are real by adding a small amount of water to the vase before styling each stem individually.

    6. Make your entrance hall welcoming

    There is nothing like being greeted by an artfully arranged floral display when entering someone’s home. For a timelessly elegant choice, Lucinda Waterhouse, founder of OKA, recommends using classic white Peonies.
    Alternatively, opt for Hydrangeas. “These are a popular choice whatever the time of year because of the many different colours available – from vibrant blue and dusty pink for summer, to faded lilac and green for autumn,” she adds.

    7. Arrange an over-the-top display

    Using artificial flowers gives you the freedom to mix and match many different types of flower together. Choosing multiple styles in a bright array of colours creates a statement display without the cost and care required by real flowers.

    Fancy faking it? Watch our video below for more tips on creating the perfect bloom…

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