Room 304 isn’t just any old room, it’s a room within a room

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  • Playful owners and eclectic architect join forces to create unique suite

    Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel‘s Room 304 is quite literally a house within a house. Taking us back to our Wendy house ways, the super trendy hotel has transformed a basic hotel room into a playful den – The Hideout.

    Priding themselves on hotel rooms that are “comfortable, homey, full of wood and light and use space cleverly” the family-run business has joined creative minds with fashionable Danish architect Sigurd Larsen to redesign Michelberger Hotel’s latest suite.

    The result is a large space with a self-contained building, within which a bedroom, sauna and kitchen lie. The space is just like a play house (although rather more sophisticated)
    with a series of windows, roof hatches and doors.

    Beyond the wooden structure, out in the garden if you will, a second bedroom, bathroom and dining table surround the enclosed living area.

    Otherwise the interiors are minimalistic – Larsen’s aim was to create a dual living space that focuses on raw by high-end features. The 50 sq m room is fitted with a forest-load of exposed wood, white wash everything and of course a heavy dosing of grey, Scandi furniture.

    But what else would you expect from a hotel that’s “independent, enchanting [and] exciting”?

    Whilst the rest of the bedrooms in the warehouse conversion are finished to a similar spec and style, in the communal areas you can expect lots of open-plan spaces perfect for reclining and enjoying a good book whilst the master mixologists make you a treat or two.

    To enjoy a completely unique sleeping experience in the heart of Berlin, check out their website – another playful nod, this time to computer games…

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