Best candles – our 5 favourite aromatic picks for your home

The best candles, as rated by Ideal Home, by their scent – from floral to woody, fresh, herbal and more
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  • We’ve handpicked the very best candles for your home below. Whether you prefer woody scents, floral scents are your vibe or it’s something fresh you are after – lighting a candle every once in a while can make your home smell… less lived in. Because we are all spending too much time in our homes right now, through no choice of our own, so it’s nice for our rooms to smell lovely and not of people. Candles also look stylish when on display in your bedroom, living room, hallway…

    Candles are also an easy buy to mask home smells, whether that be from cooking or a wet dog. The majority of candles you buy are also safe to use around pets, just be sure to light them away from children. Don’t forget to keep your wick trimmed – for the cleanest possible burn – and to burn your candle evenly every time. This means no lighting for five minutes and blowing out, to prevent tunnelling. Why choose a candle over a reed diffuser or room spray? Candles, as well as smelling lovely, also have the ability to create a calm atmosphere. We love to burn candles and pop them at the centre of a table, whether you are due guests over or not. Choosing a candle over a reed diffuser or room spray is all down to personal preference as a candle will take longer than a reed diffuser to release scent, and it needs to be lit and blown out by you, in order to work and be turned off, effectively. It goes without saying that when using a candle, you can’t control how much scent is released, but you can with reed diffusers and room sprays – something to consider.

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    We’ve done some testing (smelling) to decide on the best candles for 2021. Keep scrolling for five of our most favourite candles, ranked by their scent – there’s something for everyone below.

    What is the best candle you can buy?

    For this time of year, we suggest lighting The White Company’s Geranium Leaf Candle in your home. It’s fresh and uplifting, with strong notes of peppermint and lavender. It gives off a citrusy yet floral smell, which reminds us of the spring vibes we are longing for right now.

    The best candles for your home

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