How to make a cafetiere cover

Simply follow Country Homes & Interiors' step-by-step guide

coffee pot with coffee mugs and flowers
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Embracing the craft trend? Follow Country Homes & Interiors' step-by-step guide to making a pretty quilted cafetiere cover.

Not only will it keep your coffee nice and hot, it's the perfect accessory for your alfresco dining table.

What you'll need

* Coffee pot
* Main fabric (we used Odille Trail Chicory, £35.50 a metre, Romo)
* Cotton backing fabric
* Cotton batting
* Matching thread
* Tacking thread
* Buttons

1) Measure your coffee pot to work out the finished size of your
cover. Adding 5cm each to the height and width measurements. Cut out
three pieces to these measurements, one in main fabric, one in backing fabric and one in cotton batting.

2) For the button
loops, cut two 4cm by 25cm strips of main fabric. Place one strip wrong
side face up and fold in each long edge so that they meet in the
middle. Press, fold in half lengthways and press again. Top stitch along
the long edges. Repeat with second strip. Fold each strip as shown in
the photograph so that they form an arrow shape. Press and slip stitch
to keep folds in place.

3) Matching raw edges all round, tack the batting to the wrong side of the cotton backing piece. Place the main fabric
right side up and position the pressed strips, right sides facing and
matching raw edges along one side (be sure to position them so that they
sit inside the cafetiere handle).

4) Matching raw edges,
place the backing/batting piece on top so that the batting is face up
and the button loops are sandwiched in the middle (see illustration).

cafetiere cover

(Image credit: TBC)

then stitch all round, taking a 2.5cm seam, making a nice curve at the
corners as you go and leaving the unlooped short edge open for turning.
Remove tacking and trim the batting back to the seam allowance all
round, clip seams at corners and turn through. Press under raw edges and
slip stitch opening closed. Press.

5) To create a quilted
effect, use tacking thread to baste across the entire cover diagonally
in one direction and then repeat in the other. Repeat in machine stitch
and remove tacking.

6) Work out the position of the buttons and stitch in place. Wrap cover around cafetiere and button up.

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