How to make an e-reader cover

Easy step-by-step sewing instructions for making your own cover for an e-reader.

reader cover craft idea
(Image credit: TBC)

Country Homes & Interiors' latest do-it-yourself project shows you how to stitch a cover for an e-reader. Create this slip-on sleeve from just three pieces of fabric.

You will need

  • Main fabric (we used Old Script, £12.45 a metre, Rainbow Silks)
  • Matching thread
  • Tacking thread

how to make an e reader cover craft idea step 2 country homes interiors

(Image credit: TBC)

Step 1) Measure your e-reader and cut out two pieces of fabric to that size, adding 4cm to the width and 5cm to the height.

Step 2)
Cut one 4cm-wide strip of fabric long enough to fit around the two
longer edges and one short edge of the main pieces - this will form the

e reader cover craft

(Image credit: TBC)

Step 3) Right sides facing and matching raw edges, pin one
long edge of the strip around the two side and bottom edge of one of the
main pieces. Stitch, taking a 1.5cm seam, trim and press open seam.

Step 4) Repeat to join the remaining main piece of fabric to the second long edge of the strip.

Step 5) To hem the top raw edge of the cover turn under 5mm then 2cm, press and stitch (see illustration).