How to make industrial-style interiors cosy

Exposed bricks and pipes, wide-open spaces and beautifully raw materials - there are many things we love about industrial style. Here are tips on making it look cosy rather than cold and stark

living room with white wall grey sofa and bifold doors

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1. The perfect proportions

Embrace traditional industrial style by keeping your space open-plan, but remember to create zones with furniture and lighting to create well-proportioned, inviting areas. Here, the large twin black sofas make a strong statement and anchor the loft-style space. Using different types of task and mood lighting is another great way to achieve a cosy feel in an expansive room.

kitchen and dinning room with red brick wall white countertop and chairs

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2. The heart of the home

This family-friendly kitchen pays homage to the building's roots with exposed brick walls and sleek, minimal units, but the additition of playful artwork adds a pop of vibrant colour and instant hit of personality.

living room with dark green sofa designed chair and flower vase

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3. The glam take

Introducing colour, texture and layers of textiles is a sure-fire way to transform an industrial-style interior into something really special. The rich velvet sofa and touches of gleaming gold make for a stunning contrast to exposed plumbing and minimal units. Plus, we love how fresh flowers inject the space with life and colour.

work space with work desk and chairs red brick wall

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4. The mood lighting

To bring warmth and a sense of identity to an otherwise stripped-back working or dining area, getting the lighting right is key. You can't really go wrong with hanging a few factory-style pendants low over the table for that inviting, intimate vibe, perfect for long dinner parties.

bathroom with grey wall bathtub grey flooring

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5. The plush and soft

From concrete walls and slate floor tiles to sleek metal fixtures, this bathroom has all the ingredients of a traditional industrial aesthetic, but the scheme is transformed with a touch of bold colour, glam crystal chandelier and gently curved bath. Is it just us, or is the contrast of the rough and the smooth really satisfying?

den with dinning table and chairs grey designed wall bifold door

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6. The entertaining den

Sometimes the best thing to do is to run with the building's character rather than try to change it. The brick wall in this conservatory has been painted with graphite-coloured paint for a gritty feel. The long bench and simple furnishings might be minimal, but we can picture many a long, cosy evenings with great wine and conversations happening here while the weather outside is grim.


Thea Babington-Stitt
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