IKEA and Tom Dixon to collaborate on small space super products

They've changed the way we live (and buy furniture) forever, so what will our Swedish overlords come up with next?

IKEA has announced a new collaboration with British furniture and lighting designer Tom Dixon.

Set to launch in August 2017, the new collection 'will challenge the traditional way for producing furniture', says a statement from IKEA.

While there are no pictures yet available the announcement hints that the new collection will be aimed at revolutionising small space living.

In a press release, IKEA lays out its reasoning for the new collaboration: "Product development is always based on the understanding of the changing needs of people's lives.

"In a world where the living space for many people is shrinking, IKEA knows that the boundaries within the home are being challenged by space as well as our interaction with technology and each other."

Dixon, the man who almost single handedly brought about the amazing copper revival with his iconic pendant lights, said: "We are in the midst of a huge revolution in how people create, manufacture and consume - the furniture business has been slow to respond to the opportunities, but now is an amazing time to experiment in new ways of working."

The announcement came during a live stream of their first ever Democratic Design Day held in Älmhult, Sweden the birthplace of our favourite flat pack retailers and also known as 'IKEA Town'.

The event will introduce the people behind IKEA products including engineers, product developers and designers who will 'live hack' popular products and share their latest prototypes on a live stream. They will also showcase their latest foray into VR (virtual reality).

"We can see big changes in how the space in our homes is becoming more fluid and we are exploring what this means for both the design and production of furniture," says Marcus Engman, Design Manager at IKEA.

"Working with Tom is exciting because he shares our curiosity and drive to find new ways to make things better," he added.

You can follow Democratic Design Day live and join the party using the hashtag #IKEADDD.

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